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The Feds' Intrusions Into American Farms and Families

Frank158 Wrote: May 15, 2012 4:56 PM
I just sent a letter to my congressman over this kind of issue, I suggest that you do so also. The biggest threat other than this moron being re-elected is the damage he can do between the election and leaving office. If he signs treaties to be ratified by the lame duck senate, we will be in deep do-do. I propose a bill in the house to forbid ratification until the newly elected senate is seated. It won't pass the senate, or if it does he will veto it, but at least it tells us who to vote out of office.

With Mother's Day right at our back, I want to address one of the most extreme overreaches by the federal government into American homes that I've seen in a long time. Then I want to call on my own 91-year-old mother, who was raised in rural Oklahoma and worked in cotton fields with her family during the Great Depression, to help set straight the rural farm and child labor record.

After a national decry by American farmers (and all of us who support them), the Obama administration has just shelved its plan to severely restrict kids younger than 16 from working...