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Are you mentally challenged, or just pretending?
Friend, you're an idiot. The SC has already ruled that some restrictions are fine. You're definitely no constitutional authority, so settle down.
Dude, the second amendment isn't a free for all. This is clearly constitutional.
Dude, background checks don't violate the constitution. Settle down.
You got your initial drivers license without taking a test? yeah I doubt that.
You have to take a test and exam to get a license. It that what you want for guns now? If not, your attempted analogy come up short. .
Finally some common sense.
LOL. Um, probably not so much. Settle down.
Still waiting to hear from all the straight sodomites on here as to why this law is a good idea when it will make them criminals too...
This girl was above the age of consent in VA, no? Rewriting the laws to get the desired outcome you want doesn't sound too 'conservative' to me. Shocking!
Well today sodomy is defined as both. So like I said before, there's a lot of straight sodomites on this board who should think twice about laws like this.
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