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Nancy Pelosit, Net worth $55 million. Diane Feinstein, Net worth $75 million and growing. Harry Reid, Net Worth $10 million. All Democrats who have amassed millions from their actions as elected Representatives of the People. There are more politicians who got rich serving the people. But, the point I want to make is, we finally elected patriots like Cruz and Lee to office. Lets really send a message and send more like them to D.C.
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The Far-Left Destroys A Rodeo Clown

Frank153 Wrote: Aug 17, 2013 5:18 PM
The Clown case illuminates the evil actions of the Left. History demonstrates that the Left will resort to violence to retain power. In this case, the violence was evident in the attack on the clown. People must fight back against the Left using all means of warfare. Remember Lenin, Mao, and Hitler. Their enemies and detractors number in the tens of millions murdered so that National Socialism could flourish. Fight them now, or fight them later, but surely we will have to fight them one day soon. For the military experienced I call out that we should not show a Leftist any quarter!
America restructures by eliminating every Progressive in site!
Have we forgotten that Senator McCain authored the Indefinite Detention Bill? Pray diligently that the people of Arizona send this traitor into retirement. Obviously, the Communist brainwashing McCain experienced in Hanoi Hilton worked because he forgot what it means to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC! Since when does the Commander in Chief have the legal authority under the Constitution to murder an American Citizen anywhere in the world who has not even been charged with a crime! Senator McCain supports this power of the Executive which is antithetical to our Bill of Rights!
Are you kidding. Since England outlawed and confiscated guns, their police carry guns now because criminals have plenty of weapons at their disposal. And, unless your are totally ignorant, the Islamist are taking over the country. Their Mosques, like ours, are the Trojan Horse of yesteryear. It appears that their Mosques are training areas for waging war. Wake up!
Some statistics from the CDC that render the gun-control argument moot. By the logic of gun-control lobbyists we should also ban automobiles and poisons. .................................................. deaths .... population ........ rate ...... adj-rate** 2010 firearm related deaths: .... 31,672 .... 308,745,538 .... 10.26 .... 10.07 2010 vehicle related deaths: .... 35,498 .... 308,745,538 .... 11.50 .... 11.28 2010 poison related deaths: .... 42,917 .... 308,745,538 .... 13.90 .... 13.74 More laws! Connecticut has some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the state. Add this fact to your comment about states with gun control have the most crime. The debate should focus on mental illness and treatment!
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