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Singapore A Wise Owl Among Currency Snakes

Frank130 Wrote: Mar 01, 2013 10:39 AM
Great article! Maybe that's why Jim Rodgers moved to Singapore, or maybe Singapore listened to Jim Rodgers. Singapore is now ranked the #2 nation in the world for economic freedom (#1 is Hong Kong, USA now ranked #10).

As China enters the "Year of the Snake," Singapore stands as a beacon of sound currency in a world gone mad. China's renminbi remains pegged to the US dollar, while even steadfast Switzerland has followed the US, UK, EU, and Japan into an impoverishing strategy of currency debasement. Singapore, alone, has been able to sustain genuine economic growth in the context of a strong national currency.

The Currency Snakes

In most major economies, a corrective recession has become politically unacceptable. In order to conceal negative real economic growth, politicians and their central bankers have resorted to the irresponsible...