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Rumbling Toward a Knockout

Frank130 Wrote: Oct 27, 2012 9:53 AM
The best debate was the 3rd Party debate which few people watched (on CSPAN & the internet live). They hit important topics like how to balance the budget NOW, how to improve our economy NOW, should the Patriot Act & the NDAA (which allows for the arrest & indefinite detention of Americans without access to a lawyer or a trial) be repealed, the existence of secret Presidential approved assassination lists without allowing for people on that list to defend themselves against false accusations, various Tax Plans, energy plans, big v small government plans, etc. The 2 winners of that debate (Johnson & Stein) will have a second debate Tuesday on foreign policy!!
Reporters and pundits writing about politics and particularly presidential debates can't resist the metaphors of the ring. And why should they? The metaphors work.

"The incumbent fought with a challenger's aggression, while the GOP nominee mostly avoided heated disagreement, except to make jabs on the economy," reported the Hill, the Capitol Hill political daily. "But if Obama looked to lay Romney out on the canvas and the Republican preferred a rope-a-dope strategy, neither candidate was wholly successful."

Rope-a-dope was the clever name that Muhammad Ali, as clever with language as with the finer points of the sweet science, called his strategy...