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Republican Party Must Face Up to Past Failures

Frank130 Wrote: Dec 11, 2012 8:23 AM
No annfan, Paulus Textor (unfortunately) got it right. In order to "save the Union" Lincoln trashed the Constitution (as well as States Rights & our personal rights) & became a tyrant. The Constitution, States Rights & our personal rights have never regained proper health & became sick unto death. They are now dead.

Republicans are rightfully depressed by the reelection of President Obama and for the failure of the Republican Party to take the majority in the Senate. I have read much and heard much. But, I have heard very little about the Republicans expressing contrition for their past failures and very little that demonstrates that today’s Republican Party leaders recognize the causes of those past failures.

No one should be surprised by Obama’s reelection. He was a very popular candidate who swept into office in 2008 and he was a formidable incumbent this year. The only reason Romney had a chance was...