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In "Remaking the GOP," Don't Throw the Baby out With the Bathwater

Frank130 Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 9:44 AM
"None of those [Gingrich, Reagan, the 2 Bushes, McCain] individuals shared much in common with the philosophy of President Obama." -M.T. False! Except for Reagan (& at times Gingrich), the other Republicans all supported Big Government (are "Statists"), just like Obama. Only Reagan (& at times Gingrich) openly advocated a shrinkage in the size & scope of the Federal Government. Reagan was strongly opposed by the GOP Establishment. The GOP needs to make a decision: do they want a small, Constitutional Federal Government, sound money & a balanced budget or not? If the answer if no, then it's time for the Tea Party & others who support those aims to abandon the GOP & let it die like the Whigs died in the past.
Reaganite12 Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 9:17 PM
Agree with you. The Republican leaders are too much like the Democrats. They also want to spend, just on different things. There is no support for smaller government or the Constitution in the Republican establishment. They ran the candidates they wanted in 2008 and 2012, and look where it got us. The only really conservative, small government candidate in my lifetime was Reagan...and the Party elite got the vapors when he got the nomination. If they think conservatives give a *$#&$ what they think the next time around, they're delusional.
For most in the political commentary business, labels come and go. I've read reactions to columns throwing about labels like "RINO" (Republican in Name Only) and "Establishment," coupled with others using terms like "radical," "ultraconservative" and "Neanderthal." Now, as likely most Republicans are all too aware, the media are making a great effort to not only paint the GOP as a hopeless cause, but one in which entities are being formed to launch, or are already underway with, an all out assault on the "tea party" and the most conservative wing of the party.

But it is critical for conservatives and...