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Do We Want Better Enforcement of Misguided Gun Restrictions?

Frank130 Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 10:39 AM
"Do We Want Better Enforcement of Misguided Gun Restrictions?" -NO! I don't even own a gun, but I don't want anyone stopping me from getting one in the future should I change my mind about not having a gun for self defense. The crazies & crooks will always find ways to get guns. Gun control laws only restrict the law-abiding citizens who want guns, not the rest who are the law-breakers. And since our Founding Fathers wanted average citizens to be able to fight against a tyrannical government (in their day it was King George), they would want the average American to have the right to own weapons of similar caliber & firing capacity to those in an opposing army. Thus, the average person today should be able to buy an assault rifle.

"The single most important thing we can do to prevent gun violence and mass shootings," President Obama said last week, "is to make sure those who would commit acts of violence cannot get access to guns." Toward that end, he wants to require background checks not just for sales by federally licensed firearms dealers (as under current law), but for all gun transfers except those between relatives.

This idea seems to be the most popular of Obama's gun control proposals, supported by nine out of 10 respondents in a recent CBS News poll. Yet it is unlikely to stop mass shootings,...