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Why Conservatives Should Cheer Up

Frank130 Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 10:12 AM
"Why Conservatives Should Cheer Up: ... to victors sometimes belongs something more depressing than spoils; namely, the obligation to make good on lame, idiotic promises." -The underlying main point is that Conservatives should cheer up as big government Democrats will eventually fail on making good their lame, idiotic promises made to the majority of even more idiotic voters that voted them into office. But the problem I have with Bill Murchison's main point is this: the GOP is part of the same big government-loving problem (they are only of a slightly different flavor than the big government Democrats). What the GOP really needs to do: become the small government, Constitution-loving political party alternative to the Democrats!

"Barack Obama won because he recognized a new America." Or maybe an America more fluid, more insubstantial than post-election wisdom is ready to grant. You can't always tell about "new" -- a truth the human race rarely acknowledges.

We'll see whether James Carville's and Stan Greenberg's words from a Democracy Corps survey stand up better than the consensus of November 1965, following the Lyndon Johnson-led slaughter of almost every Republican downwind from Barry Goldwater. Johnson, father of the Great Society, was all but run out of Washington on a rail after mucking up the Vietnam War.

Meanwhile, as everyone...