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What Went Wrong Last Tuesday

Frank130 Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 8:21 AM
"What are these realities?" "The profound changing demographics of the nation. And, the challenge of getting a nation that is already addicted to government off it." - Star Parker Thank you, Ms. Parker! The #1 thing real conservative /Tea Party people SHOULD have done was to make sure the GOP nominate a small government loving candidate & then explain to the American people why we needed to get people addicted to big government off of big government. Instead they nominated big government Romney who had no appeal to Blacks & Latinos. Blacks & Latinos need to know why big government is hurting, not helping them. Ron Paul supporters want liberty, small government, a balanced budget & an end to undeclared, Unconstitutional wars. But...
Frank130 Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 8:30 AM
... the GOP Establishment didn't want to listen or see the need to appeal to Blacks & Latinos. Instead they rammed big government, crony capitalist RINO Romney down our throats who had no appeal to Blacks, Latinos or fiscal conservative Whites. On top of that, they spit in the face of Ron Paul supporters. And then the GOP thought they were going to win? Give me a break! I saw the GOP loss coming months ago. But few Romneybots wanted to listen to me. I hope they listen to you Ms. Parker. You speak clearly & reasonably!!

Wake up GOP.

Disbelief is the word that defines the Republican state of mind in the wake of the 2012 re-election of President Barack Obama.

The obvious questions are: “How can Americans have re-elected a president who has presided over an economy where unemployment still hovers at 8 percent ?”

And, “How can Americans have re-elected a president who still doesn’t grasp that his big government policies are what have blocked our economic recovery?”

The Republican Party needs to take responsibility for this disaster.

Nothing in the outcome of this election is a surprise. The realities which produced these election results have...