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Conservatives Should Take the Lead Against Government Injustice

Frank130 Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 9:50 AM
"Conservatives Should Take the Lead Against Government Injustice" 1. If by "conservatives" you mean Republicans, then your faith in the GOP is misplaced, because the GOP is part of the 2 Party duopoly of power, not part of the solution! We need a 3rd Party for that. 2. The Federal Government has turned into a tyrannical government that our own Founding Fathers would have wanted to rebel against 3. Who knows if Aaron Swartz really committed suicide or was killed by our own government

If you think a twenty-something ought to be tossed in federal prison for 35 years because he tried to download some musty academic journal articles without permission, you are a lot things, but a conservative is not one of them.

You might be relieved to know that Aaron Swartz, one of the internet geniuses behind RSS and, will not be imprisoned for a third of a century. Unfortunately, that’s because the fragile young man hanged himself after the United States attorney prosecuting the case generously offered him the alternative of pleading guilty to a felony, paying a crippling fine...