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I Don't Know…The Federal Reserve?

Frank130 Wrote: Oct 08, 2014 7:40 AM
"I say it is time to end the Fed." -Charles Payne Congratulations Charles. You finally came to the same conclusion that Ron Paul did a long time ago. Next, go out & buy a copy of "The Creature from Jekyll Island" & learn a bit more about the Fed & central banking. Then you will find out that the Fed NEVER worked, except for the private bankers who own/control it at the expense of everyone else in America. The Fed will ultimately kill off the US Dollar, corrupt all the politicians, control all the news, bankrupt the nation & take away our liberties. The Fed (& its owners/controllers who also control other Western Central Banks) is out to enslave every man, woman & child not only in this nation, but around the world. It's pushing for a One World Order & One World Currency.
More evidence that we live in a post Christian (& increasingly anti Christian) nation today. No wonder the nation that was once the richest, freest & strongest nation in the history of the world when it was a basically Christian nation is now on the verge of bankruptcy with our freedoms routinely trampled upon. God is not mocked. He knows what's best for us & if we refuse to listen we will suffer the inevitable & natural consequences of our disobedience.
Our nation is failing on virtually everything this out-of-control welfare/warfare/police state tries to do. All the markets are rigged due to crony capitalism, interest rates are artificially low leading to gross malinvestment of capital & everything is over regulated making it hard to start up new businesses & giving an edge to big business that can afford to hire people to comply with all of the red tape. It raises the cost of everything & makes us uncompetitive with goods & services for other nations. In the end, we get a bad economy, high unemployment, with a big & inefficient government that is taking away our Constitutionally guaranteed rights with corrupt politicians & leaders in big business. This also is killing off the middle class.
No. 12. Squandering taxpayer money & on malinvestments.
It Looks Like a GOP Wave; the Question is How Far it Goes -Do not be so confident, since the big government loving Establishment Republicans are still in control of the GOP & are declaring war on the small government loving TEA party & liberty-minded parts of the GOP. With no clear cut policies to separate them from the big government loving Democrats, the Republicans may yet succeed in shooting themselves in the foot. Already I hear reports of the Democrats vastly out spending the Republicans on election campaigns & the Establishment GOP blaming the TEA party & liberty-minded Republicans for their reluctance to donate more campaign money to them, thus potentially causing the GOP to not win critical elections. The Establishment GOP would rather destroy the Republican Party than run candidates acceptable to those refusing to donate.
Also, look at the life & deeds of Mohammed, their prophet.
I do not think there is a real difference between "radical Islam" & Islam. Look at the life, actions & teachings of Mohammed & his early followers. Look at the militant way in which Islam was spread for hundreds of years. Radical Islam = Islam. It appears that is the expected Islam norm, although there may be many non-violent, non-militant followers of Islam in today's more "civilized" society.
Smaller & more local government is usually better than bigger & more distant government. So overall, I think it would be a good thing, although with more independent states, it would cause more disagreements between states. Yet smaller states would also mean less military power for a big state to throw around. More states would then tend to mind their own business, rather than interfere in some place far away.
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Return To Republicanism?

Frank130 Wrote: Sep 28, 2014 7:54 AM
This is the kind of "Republicanism" I would like the GOP to reform into, but I doubt it will. This is the kind of limited government our Founding Fathers wanted for the USA, but which we lost. I do not think the solution to our present out-of-control welfare/warfare/police state is anarchy. We should learn from our mistakes & return to a small, limited, Constitutional Republic and warn the People about becoming apathetic towards government. We need to impress upon the People that good government requires vigilance & informed voting.
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Mr. President, How Is It NOT Islam?

Frank130 Wrote: Sep 28, 2014 7:32 AM
Great article, Kevin McCullough... especially the 10 points that you listed.
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