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Hitler also demanded "Corporate Patriotism". Big government in bed with big business is central to fascism. The average citizen loses their God given/natural born rights & freedoms. The government takes these rights/freedoms away, rather than protects them. Big business finances the rise of politicians that help give them an unfair competitive advantage over others. But the bigger the power, the more it tends to be corrupted & monster government may very well be expected to eventually "bite the hand that feeds it" (turn against big business that put it in power). Both the socialists & the fascists have much in common: they are lovers of big government that take away the rights/freedoms of the average person. Socialists (like Liz Warren) do it thinking it's for the benefit of all. Big business & fascists do it for the benefit of themselves. In the end the losers are the same: the average person. It's ironic that the socialists end up hurting the most the people they think they are helping the most: the average person.
Glad to see someone else is not afraid to point out the growing scourge of anti-Christian persecution in the USA. But it's only to be expected as the nation, in general, turns away from God & the Biblical Principles it was once founded upon. Those who love evil, love the darkness & do not want the light to shine on their deeds. Expect them to avoid or try to put out the light. It has also been pointed out that if the USA is to fall, it will most likely fall from within, not from without.
I find it offensive that Congress cares not when "We the People" (in genera) have our God given/ natural born rights violated by the Federal Government... but when THEIR rights are violated they suddenly get upset & want to do something to stop it. The entire Federal Govt. (Executive, Legislative & Judicial branches) is corrupt & out-of-control. Wake up America, start impeaching them & stop re-electing these same jerks back into office!
We in the West are losing our God given/natural born rights, including freedom of speech. Strange how former communist nations keep heading in the right direction with freedoms, in general, while we in the West keep heading in the wrong direction. The world is turning upside down & the wealth is also moving from West to East.
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Is Putin Worse Than Stalin?

Frank130 Wrote: Jul 25, 2014 7:58 AM
We still don't know who shot down MH17, but basically what Pat Buchanan wrote seems correct to me. The aggressor in Ukraine was the USA in spending $5 billion to overthrow the democratically elected pro-Russian government & replace it in Kiev with a pro-Western puppet government, which upset the ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine & threatened Russia with the loss of its only warm water port. What's happened since the coupe in Kiev, is really the USA's fault for not minding its own business & being disrespectful of Russia: lots of unforeseen consequences that could imperil the entire world. Washington today is full of idiots!!
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Penalize Putin and His Culpable Kremlin

Frank130 Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 9:01 AM
Austin Bay, you are such a brainwashed neocon putting blame on Putin & Russia even before all the facts are in! Romans used to ask the question, "Who benefits?" when trying to figure out what really happened. In reality, the only ones to benefit from the crash of MH17 are the Central Banksters who want to prop up the puppet government in Kiev & those in Washington pushing the EU sanctions against Russia. You want to demonize Putin & push for WW3 before we know what really happened? You're nuts!!
I agree, I can't trust anything our government does or says nowadays & it's best to keep an open mind until all the facts come in. It's just too convenient that as the UE is refusing to put sanctions on Russia & to support the puppet government in Kiev, that now a civilian jet gets shot down & the EU is now jumping on the bandwagon to do something against Putin, Russia & the Ukrainian separatists.
What you said, sadly is basically true & you definitely have a gift at writing! :) I kept telling people that Romney would lose and that the GOP's only real chance (& polls confirmed it) was to nominate Ron Paul, who would have pulled a lot of liberty minded Ds to vote for him as well as all the small government minded Rs & Independents. But the big government loving, corrupt Establishment Rs would have none of that!
I believe the TEAs are a "substantial minority" only in terms of money raised to fight with, not in numbers of potential voters or in winning principles (the same principles that once made our level playing field capitalistic, small government, Constitutional Republic the greatest & richest nation in the world). We collapse when we abandon those principles & the GOP deserves to collapse for having abandoned them or it can survive as the alternative party to the big government loving D party if the GOP is willing to listen to the TEAs & reform itself (I doubt that will happen).
If millions of truly conservative voters simply left the corrupt GOP and got together for a real 3rd Party alternative (one for small, Constitutional government, a balanced budget & a return of our liberties), the remaining, corrupt Establishment Republicans would find themselves as back benchers whose only viable alternative would be to do the honorable thing: join the other big government loving D party! Then we'd be back to a 2 Party system that offered voters a real choice: big v small government.
1. As IrishMensa notes, voter fraud was committed & anyone associated with that should be punished. 2. If millions of average truly conservative voters (who wants SMALL, Constitutional government, a balanced budget & a return of our liberties) would only donate a small amount of money each to real conservative politicians, we could beat the Establishment in the money raising campaign & win the war against them. I, for one, put my money where my mouth is & that's another reason I'm so disappointed with some of the supposed Tea Party candidates that then break their promises/change their colors & side with the Establishment once elected. Better to elect a 3rd Party, non-R who would not do that once elected.
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