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If you want to continue under the control of big government loving, Constitution trashing Ds & Establishment Rs (both "bought & paid for" by the owners/controllers of the Anglo-American Central Banking cartel), that's up to you. It's the same cartel that helped Hitler rise to power in Germany & the Communists take over in Russia. I say stop supporting those puppets, audit & then phase out the Fed, return to sound money, balance the budget asap & drastically cut the size & scope of government. Sounds like the banksters have the wool pulled over your eyes!!
Exactly. We can head towards collapse at full speed under the Ds or at a somewhat reduced speed under the Establishment Rs. But the only real solution is to change directions, which won't happen until the Fed is audited, then phased out & a new bunch of small government, Constitution-loving politician replace most of the big government loving, Constitution trashing Ds & RINOs. The Fed OWNS the Ds & Establishment Rs at the expense of "We the People." Wake up to reality people.
There's no lunch money left to steal: the Ds & RINOs stole it all already!! (Along with all your Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms). Wake up, the USA is broke & has morphed into the USSA. The Anglo-American Central Banking Cartel has "bought & paid" for the big government loving Ds & Establishment Rs. If you can't see that, you're blind my friend.
Yep. Supporters of big government will head us towards a cliff slowly or quickly. How about supporting someone that will take us in the OPPOSITE direction from the cliff: supporters of small, Constitutional government!!
Yep! Better to vote 3rd Party than vote for a big government, Constitution-trashing, Establishment Republican again. Funny thing is, I helped get Scott Brown elected senator some years ago. But it really doesn't do much good to replace a D with an Establishment R. If it's D vs Establishment R nowadays, I'll be voting for the best 3rd Party candidate that is most likely to push for small, Constitutional government. If it means the D wins for now, so be it. Let the Establishment Rs lose & be eventually replaced by either a small government, Constitution-loving R or a 3rd Party candidate.
Obama is the "Worst President Since WWII," Q-poll Finds -Yep, I'd agree!!
I agree. We really have 2 big government political parties as the only Major Parties. One needs to become a small government, Constitution loving political party or go extinct, to be replaced by a new 3rd Party.
"Well despite what our own prophet of doom, Dr. Ron Paul, says about Iraq-- he blames it squarely on G.W. Bush-- this is all president Obama’s fault." It amazes me how no matter how many times Ron Paul's predictions have proven to be true & the "Establishment"'s predictions have proven to be false, they always come up with more reasons to ignore or ridicule him. The average American voter needs to wake up to reality and stop listening to these Establishment shills, which Ransom seems to be a member of... at least on this issue. We should learn from our mistakes, not keep committing the same mistakes over & over again, which is a definition of insanity. Yes, Obama's foreign policy is one big FAIL. But that does not give Ransom the right to ridicule Ron Paul for warning everyone against going into Iraq in the first place! Ransom is the idiot here, Ron Paul was the wise man.
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