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Outwitting the Purveyors of Dependency

Frank130 Wrote: Apr 04, 2014 9:12 AM
Dr. Carson is a voice of reason. I'm not very familiar with all of his positions & I fear he may support a bigger government than what I'd like to see, but he'd definitely help to turn this nation around & get it going in the right direction again. He may also be the only one capable of defeating Hillary. Who would be another disaster for the USA.
The Democrats are expert in voter fraud, but the Republicans also engage at it and they can't balance out the fraud from Democrats. It's very demoralizing to know that your vote might be cancelled out by a fraudulent vote. It's bad enough that the USA went from a Republic where the minority are protected from the majority mob in a Democracy. It's even worse when the majority even loses the vote due to massive fraud committed by the Power Elite who hand pick the ones they want elected.
We'd probably have to go back at least to 1913 (when the Federal Reserve was created) for anything approaching Constitutional government. The "Progressive" era (that began to really take off with Teddy Roosevelt) plus the establishment of a corrupt Central Bank that was designed to steal the wealth from the average American, has succeeded in usurping our small Constitutional Republic (& replaced it with an oligarchy who themselves are above the law), debased our currency, taken away our free market capitalism (& replaced it with crony capitalism) & is on the verge of bankrupting the USA & collapsing the US Dollar.
"Are Democrats Eating Their Own Over Charter Schools?" -They should, as poor public schools condemn poor families to a bad education and a perpetuation of the poverty cycle. Even some Democrats are beginning to see the truth. Let there be competition in schools & give everyone a voucher to go to the school of their choice! I bet that would force public schools to improve fast!!
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Noah: Hollywood vandalizes the Bible

Frank130 Wrote: Mar 31, 2014 9:14 AM
We'll see what was truth & what was fiction on Judgement Day, when all Truth is revealed & what excuses the unsaved come up with to say to God in order to try & avoid their condemnation. But then it will be too late to believe the Truth.
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China Accelerates Bad Debt Writeoffs

Frank130 Wrote: Mar 31, 2014 9:08 AM
China is likely to "stall", but unlike the USA they still have the factories to produce & they are the ones now holding the gold. "The one with the gold holds the power". Even J.P. Morgan had declared that "only gold is money". So as gold flowed from Western Central Banks to Eastern Central Banks, the power & the money flowed from West to East. China will likely emerge as the world's #1 power when the US Dollar & the West collapses. The average Chinese & Indian citizens value gold above fiat paper currency. They will be proved wise as most Westerners cling to worthless US paper Dollars.
"Israel’s Time’s Running Out, Mr. President, or Yours?" -Well put Mr. Blackwell!! I believe God will never let Israel be destroyed again & that God was the prime mover in re-creating Israel after a 2000 year absence. God is simply fulfilling His Biblical prophecies towards Israel. But time is running out on Obama's warped Presidency as he continues to "fundamentally change" America. Israel will continue as Obama passes away.
"Cover Your Eyes for the Final Obamafication of America" -Ever since Obama was elected, I knew that it would likely lead to the collapse of this once great nation, and my feelings have been shown to be correct. Which is not to say that the big government loving Republican alternatives have been good for the USA lately either. America might have been excused for electing Obama the first time in order to elect the first Black (err... half Black, half White) President, but not for electing him the second time around. It shows how dumb the average American voter has become. And for those who say Obama "stole" the election by massive voter fraud, yes there was fraud... but it likely shifted the vote by only about 4% or less. If 55% of the Americans voted against Obama, he'd still have lost by 51% to 49% anyways, even with massive Democratic voter fraud. (And I'm sure there was some Republican voting fraud to help counter-balance the Democratic voter fraud). So many of us have already been "covering our eyes" from the shame we see at the Obamafication of America for quite some time now!!
"Greetings from Obamaland…Oops, I Mean Greece" -Yep, that's about the size of it! Except nobody will be there to bail us out & there will be global financial chaos & the greatest re-distribution of wealth in the history of the world. This will be accompanied by a massive depopulation of the world from starvation, chaos & conflicts. If there is a nuclear WW3, the end of mankind (but then I expect the Return of Christ & Judgement Day just prior). If no nuclear WW3, then probably massive depopulation & a slow recovery. Get ready folks because the collapse of the USA & the US Dollar is already underway & will probably be arriving soon!!
"Banks Failed But So Did Government; Saved Each Other at Your Expense" -Sorry Mish, this is one time I'll have to disagree with you. Your headline SHOULD have been: "Banks Failed But So Did Big Government; Saved Each Other at Your Expense". The small government, Constitutional Republic using gold & silver as money with no Central Bank was doing OK until the Federal Reserve was created in 1913 by Congress that was pushing a big government Progressive agenda at the time. The Federal Reserve has been saving big government since then while redistributing the income away from the middle class to the upper 1% & increasing the poor government dependent lower classes, creating massive & unpayable debts, privatizing gains, socializing losses & debasing the currency. Aside from a spiritual & moral decline with the falling away from the Biblical Principles that once founded the USA, the corruption of Central Banking plus big government is what will destroy the USA (& it will collapse probably very soon!!!).
"Commandment #1 – Never Trust Republicrats" -Which is why we need a real 3rd Party as an alternative to the big government loving Ds & Rs. A 3rd Party that refuses to take big donations from corporations, the banksters, PACs & labor unions who routinely "buy" the politicians who, then when elected, have already sold their soul to the devil & are merely their puppets. A party that supports small, constitutional government, a balanced budget & will end the corrupting Federal Reserve.
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