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"Cover Your Eyes for the Final Obamafication of America" -Ever since Obama was elected, I knew that it would likely lead to the collapse of this once great nation, and my feelings have been shown to be correct. Which is not to say that the big government loving Republican alternatives have been good for the USA lately either. America might have been excused for electing Obama the first time in order to elect the first Black (err... half Black, half White) President, but not for electing him the second time around. It shows how dumb the average American voter has become. And for those who say Obama "stole" the election by massive voter fraud, yes there was fraud... but it likely shifted the vote by only about 4% or less. If 55% of the Americans voted against Obama, he'd still have lost by 51% to 49% anyways, even with massive Democratic voter fraud. (And I'm sure there was some Republican voting fraud to help counter-balance the Democratic voter fraud). So many of us have already been "covering our eyes" from the shame we see at the Obamafication of America for quite some time now!!
"Greetings from Obamaland…Oops, I Mean Greece" -Yep, that's about the size of it! Except nobody will be there to bail us out & there will be global financial chaos & the greatest re-distribution of wealth in the history of the world. This will be accompanied by a massive depopulation of the world from starvation, chaos & conflicts. If there is a nuclear WW3, the end of mankind (but then I expect the Return of Christ & Judgement Day just prior). If no nuclear WW3, then probably massive depopulation & a slow recovery. Get ready folks because the collapse of the USA & the US Dollar is already underway & will probably be arriving soon!!
"Banks Failed But So Did Government; Saved Each Other at Your Expense" -Sorry Mish, this is one time I'll have to disagree with you. Your headline SHOULD have been: "Banks Failed But So Did Big Government; Saved Each Other at Your Expense". The small government, Constitutional Republic using gold & silver as money with no Central Bank was doing OK until the Federal Reserve was created in 1913 by Congress that was pushing a big government Progressive agenda at the time. The Federal Reserve has been saving big government since then while redistributing the income away from the middle class to the upper 1% & increasing the poor government dependent lower classes, creating massive & unpayable debts, privatizing gains, socializing losses & debasing the currency. Aside from a spiritual & moral decline with the falling away from the Biblical Principles that once founded the USA, the corruption of Central Banking plus big government is what will destroy the USA (& it will collapse probably very soon!!!).
"Commandment #1 – Never Trust Republicrats" -Which is why we need a real 3rd Party as an alternative to the big government loving Ds & Rs. A 3rd Party that refuses to take big donations from corporations, the banksters, PACs & labor unions who routinely "buy" the politicians who, then when elected, have already sold their soul to the devil & are merely their puppets. A party that supports small, constitutional government, a balanced budget & will end the corrupting Federal Reserve.
So it only took 9 years (1868-1877) for the Ottoman Empire to go from spending 17% of its entire tax revenue to pay just interest on the debt to paying 52% of its tax revenue just to pay interest on the debt & then it went broke. Seems like the USA is going down the same path. History keeps repeating itself and most people never learn history's bitter lessons. Even the warnings Ron Paul has been making publicly to the USA his whole career has been ignored by the selfish & dumbed-down American voters who want more "free lunches" from the Federal Government at the expense "of the rich". I'm not sure the USA will make it 8 years through the Obama Presidency. They were dumb enough to re-elect him after 4.
"The Price We, and the World, Will Pay for Obama's Re-election" -The idiots in Washington provoked the "Arab spring" in Egypt, Libya, Syria & the "pro-West" part of Ukraine. To do that we supported Al Qaeda & neo-nazi groups in coups against former governments, resulting in uncontrolled chaos in those areas & strengthening of our supposed terrorist enemies. We do this at the same time as our US Dollar is collapsing due to its massive debasement, our deficit balloons our economy implodes & we lose our Constitutional freedoms as the USA turns also into a police state. Central Banksters are allowed to manipulate all the markets & confiscate all the wealth of the other 99%. Washington is rotten to the core & former KGB Putin looks like a hero as he out-manuevers them on the world stage.
"Make Democrats Pay for Obamacare and Obamanomics" -Yes, which is EXACTLY what Tea Party people have been saying for years, but the Establishment GOP has not been willing to do. Rather they want "to crush" the Tea Party people this time around. If McConnell gets re-elected... I'll puke!! Too many "stab-you-in-the-back RINOs" in office to make a significant dent in ObamaCare or Obamanomics. The GOP & USA, in general, should hang their heads in shame!!
"The Tea Party Isn't Dying – The GOP Establishment Is" -One can only hope!! -I know that over the last few years, comments about big government loving, neocon Establishment Republicans are getting more negative & comments about small government loving, non-interventionist, liberty minded Republicans have become less negative. The McCain & Romney supporters no longer go around calling everyone names if they assume some are supporters of Ron Paul. The Tea Party seems to have lost some steam, but probably because they became disgusted with GOP candidates or GOP people who once elected, stabbed the Tea Party in the back.
I loved it how Ron Paul turned that question around that was meant to refer to Russia being wrong to put troops around the country & forcing a vote, but Ron Paul saying yes it was wrong for the USA to do it in the Ukraine & wanting to build missile bases there!! Perfect example of what we should NOT be doing (and can no longer afford to be doing). And WE in the West (EU & USA) were the ones that first paid demonstrators some $50/day to cause violent demonstrations in Kiev that illegally overthrew an elected government in the first place during the Winter Olympics when Putin was unable to react. WE WERE THE ONES FIRST GUILTY OF INTERVENTION IN UKRAINE!! Russia was not going to lose its only warm water naval base in an area primarily inhabited by ethnic Russians to an increasingly neo-nazi, illegitimate government in Kiev & then have NATO build missile bases in Crimea.
"Even Under GOP Control, Congress Signals Unwillingness to Stop Spending" -Which is why those who want small Constitutional government, self determination & freedom rather than government dependency & slavery need to DUMP THE GOP & go 3rd Party. The GOP is too corrupt & is simply the other side of the big government duopoly Party. Stop fooling yourself people, the big government GOP is no real alternative to the big government Democratic Party!!
"Whether You Call it Socialism, Statism, Fascism, or Corporatism, Big Government Is Evil and Destructive" -I agree 100% & I also have had trouble finding the right term to describe Obama. I have also used the term "European-style Socialist" at times, but that also misses the mark. "Evil & Destructive Big Government" is OK, but it's sort of redundant, since we all know power corrupts (big government) & absolute power corrupts absolutely.
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