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Boehner Bombs the Base

Frank130 Wrote: Dec 15, 2014 8:48 AM
There is speculation on the internet that Boehner was blackmailed by Obama from some dirt that the NSA dug up on him (perhaps like they blackmailed S. C. Justice Roberts to change his opinion at the last minute & rule ObamaCare Constitutional). If the NSA knows just about everything on everyone (especially people in high government positions), they can dig up dirt whenever they want to push forth their way on key issues. Our government has become the out-of-control big government George Orwell warned us about in Big Brother. The small government, Constitutionally protected Republic our Founding Fathers wanted is effectively dead.
"GOP to Obama: We're Writing the Budget Now. Get Used to It." -Ummm... NOT REALLY!! Boehner has already rolled over & played dead by fully funding Obama's amnesty program after a close vote in the House with enough RINO Establishment Republicans going along with Obama & Boehner & all the other Democrats. You can't trust a Republican (never trust a Democrat) to do the right thing.
Yet the Establishment RINOs in Congress will push through the funding necessary to pay for Obama's amnesty against the will of the Americans who elected them to do just the opposite! They were supposed to stand up & fight Obama, not roll over & play dead.
"Who Caused the Energy Bubble? The Fed is responsible of course, by holding interest rates at record lows, stimulating all sorts of speculative investments."-Mike Shedlock -Correct, of course. But most people either don't see the connection or see it, but still defend the Federal Reserve for some reason(s). The Federal Reserve is destroying this nation, our currency & is manipulating all the markets (thus not allowing true price discovery, which is supposed to be the main task of the market). Big banks & big corporations run our government to their advantage by making the politicians their "bought & paid for" puppets. Big banks & big corporations make their profits private for themselves, but their mistakes public obligations to be paid for by "We the People" (bail outs, etc) with money from taxes. Wake up America!
Exactly Woz! So the USA is headed for a big fall. Everyone knows the USA was the economic wonder of the world without a central bank & with a small government with low taxes that basically tried to stay out of the economy. Why argue with success and change it into a nation with a central bank and a big government with high taxes that interferes greatly with the economy? Why argue with success? Why try to fix something not broken? We are now on the edge of bankruptcy, we never were before big government & central banking.
Well put! Unfortunately, most don't see it yet.
Once again, I'll second "Monstermash"'s point of view.
Sadly, Americans (like many others) don't learn from history, so America now seems doomed to repeat history's mistakes. We started out with a small, Constitutional government (which wasn't perfect, but had generally the right ideas) with very limited Federal powers, low taxes, sound money (gold & silver), spent only 2-4% of GDP most years (except for wars) & had very little debt. We became the economic wonder of the world full of freedoms (especially after the end of slavery & women's right to vote). But we now have an Unconstitutional, monster, Federal government that has morphed into an out-of-control welfare/warfare/police state, with high taxes, unsustainable debt (the most in the history of mankind), paper money run by a corrupt central bank (Federal Reserve) & a government spending over 20% of GDP (rapidly heading higher). The USA, as our Founders intended it, & the US Constitution with its Bill of Rights are effectively dead. Yes, it's depressing to see a nation commit suicide. I'm tempted to leave also.
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House Chooses New Cold War With Russia

Frank130 Wrote: Dec 09, 2014 8:50 AM
Agree. When the USSR was collapsing, we promised them that NATO would not expand "one inch to the East". But that is exactly what NATO did. Having Ukraine overthrow a democratically elected government, encouraging it to look to the West & the eventual stationing of Western troops/missiles there is a threat Russia cannot ignore & proves to Russia the West cannot be trusted.
The terms "Conservative" & "Liberal" are really too vague and both often support big government in one way or the other. What we need is a party that wants to push for smaller, more constitutionally limited government... which is what virtually all Ds & most/many Rs are opposed to. We need to dismantle to out-of-control & non-sustainable welfare/warfare/police state the USA has morphed into & which our Founding Fathers would be greatly disappointed in.
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