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Are Democrats Paying Attention to Trends in Illinois?

Frank130 Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 9:18 AM
When the very blue states of CA & IL go bankrupt due to their fiscally irresponsible policies, only then might voters have second thoughts about who they're voting for. The question then becomes: "Who to vote for if not the D Party?" The R Party??? Nope, they are also for (a slightly different flavor of) BIG GOVERNMENT & DEFICIT SPENDING. The only other logical choice: a fiscally conservative 3rd Party. If the R Party continues to go along with big government, Establishment RINOs like Romney, it will die off & be replaced with a fiscally conservative 3rd Party. My advice to the GOP: turn into the SMALL GOVERNMENT alternative party to the big government Democrats or risk going the way of the Whig Party. Ron Paul tried to warn you!!
I had the opportunity to be in the western Cook County suburbs of Chicago late last week. I have never seen so many political signs in my life. Signs EVERYWHERE: homes, businesses, parking lots, churches, farms. That stunned me.

What stunned me more? I saw not one sign for Obama.

That originally inspired me to write a column positing the possibility of a Romney victory in Illinois, but given that virtually every poll shows President Obama carrying his home state of Illinois again this year by a wide margin, my sage and sensible editors recommended against it. So...