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My Favorite Scandal

Frank125 Wrote: Jun 23, 2013 12:09 PM
One of my consistent complaints about my fellow conservatives is that they rarely use the tons of ammunition at our disposal. This article is a pleasant exception to my normal frustration over this flaw in our tactics. One need now foam at the mouth; have the veins in the forehead appear ready to burst; have spittles flying through the air, etc. Calm is acceptable, so long as it is accompanied by incontrovertible evidence. Very well done! Do not stop now, but continue to punch like you mean it. Patty cake, patty cake never did work. The late heavyweight contender Jerry Quarry had the irritating habit of hurting his opponent with his heavy hands, and then instead of going in for the kill shot, he would back OFF and unbelievably allow his opponent to recover. That in a metaphoric nutshell is what we conservatives have done over the DECADES.