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The Violence from the Left Upon Our Persons and Our Rights

Francis W. Porretto Wrote: Mar 17, 2013 6:50 AM
"This aggression by liberal politicians against Americans’ inalienable right to defend themselves is astonishing. They patently trust more in their own judgment than in the everlasting wisdom of the Founding Fathers..." Wrong. The hegemons want to take our guns because they afford us the possibility of rebellion -- and the measures they have in mind will make that go from possibility to probability to certainty as they're advanced. Have a look at Cyprus this morning and tell me you sincerely disagree.
sbemis Wrote: Mar 17, 2013 1:29 PM
we do not know what the founding fathers would say today about the second amendmenment,we can asume it would not be a blanket acceptence of no means no without qualifications.the bible says that "the letter killeth but the spirit maketh alive".THERE is no spirit in the conseretive movement,it is only letter.It's counterpart the Christian Right is running around trying to shove the Bible down people's throatssaying that homosexuality is against what is written there on the subject.They are mindless in this action,as is anybody who does not realize that guns can kill and need to be the end,a human life(not an embro)is more important than a piece of papper-no matter how valuable that papper might be.

Before elected officials assume their honored position of representing the people, they are required to swear an oath, and pen their signature to the written version.  The sacredness of this covenant is marked by ceremony and meaningful pomp.

Every four years, we witness the very public swearing-in of the President during the inauguration.  The Vice President also raises the right hand on the same day as the President.  Traditionally, the Vice President also administers the oath for incoming senators in his role as President of the Senate.

Article VI of the United States Constitution reads, “The Senators and...