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Young persons who don't die young have this fascinating habit: they *mature*. This process, in the American context wherein opportunity is essentially unlimited, often causes a re-evaluation of many beliefs previously left unquestioned. I've lost count of the number of contemporaries who were ardent left-liberals in college (that was 45 years ago) and who are passionate libertarian-conservatives today -- and in the typical case, argument had nothing to do with it.
Two observations: First, "compelling governmental interest" is the most pernicious concept ever introduced into jurisprudence. A government is an agent -- a hireling. In the nature of things, it CANNOT have any interests; it can only have responsibilities and delegated powers with which to address them. Second, the Free Exercise clause of the First Amendment struck most of the Founders as unnecessary: the Constitution did not give the federal government any responsibility, nor did it grant Washington any power, that could conceivably infringe on religious freedom. Even taxation was a matter anyone could walk away from, as long as the tax in question was indirect -- and direct taxes were heavily discouraged by the requirement that they be levied "in proportion to the population," thus forbidding transfer schemes. Religion was therefore inherently safe from infringement by the federal government, as long as it was confined to the powers and responsibilities enumerated in the Constitution. Of course, that's no longer the case today, which should be food for thought for any religious American.
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How Can Anyone Trust Obama?

Francis W. Porretto Wrote: Jul 01, 2014 7:52 AM
Obama is more comfortable with deceit than with the truth. He deceives and obfuscates even when the truth would serve him better. This is a man to whom "facts" are infintely malleable and "reality" is merely a sound. Yet we twice installed him in the highest office in the land. We already know about him; what does that say about us?
There will be no impeachment. There isn't enough aggregate "spine" in the House Republican caucus even to propose impeachment in open session, much less to ram it through. Obama's absolute dominance of the media has the GOP too thoroughly cowed. There is no longer an "opposition party" in these United States. There are two chapters of one party: the Ruling Class. They will alternate their turns at the levers of power with collegial courtesy, the Ins always making sure that the Outs get some of the pie, to keep them loyal to the RCP and its agenda of total power over Us the People. "It's a big club...and you ain't in it." -- George Carlin.
-- Let us begin with what should be an unnecessary assertion: Tolerance is good. -- "Tolerance is good" is true only within certain contexts. Besides, the Left isn't trying to persuade us that "tolerance is good;" they're straining to make it unconditionally mandatory, preferably on pain of punishment, regardless of context. Yet another rhetorical device to beware: the transformation of what was once deemed a character trait appropriate to the civilized man in a civilized society, into a requirement of the law that shelters thugs, swindlers, deceivers, and miscellaneous self-nominated "victims."
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You Don't Own You

Francis W. Porretto Wrote: Jun 19, 2014 8:36 AM
What a moronic notion this man propounds -- and I'm a devout Catholic. For legal and propertarian purposes, you MUST be conceded self-ownership, because the rights to determine what you may and may not do -- and by extension, the rights to decide what can and cannot be done TO you -- must reside somewhere. If the individual is not conceded those rights, then the State will assume them. North Korea is the only possible consequence. This is not to deny the concept of duty; it merely recognizes that a duty must be voluntarily accepted to have either legal force or moral weight. But the would-be totalitarians who want to install telescreens in your bedroom and bathroom, and who claim the privilege and power of drafting you for any and every purpose at their sole discretion, won't have any truck with that notion either. God, who made Man free and self-responsible, is not mocked.
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Losing Our Sovereignty

Francis W. Porretto Wrote: Jun 19, 2014 8:29 AM
"Un-non-killing-Americans" -- ? Whazzamatta wid you? Use the traditional term: "homicidal-Americans!" There's no need to talk around a subject this non-controversial! (In all seriousness, good column, Mr. Hunter.)
We've had a very hard time getting the Administration to obey federal law..including the Supreme Law of the Land. If we succeed this time, it will be cause for celebration.
Sadly, among those in the Senate who would never, ever vote to convict Obama are several Republicans. That being the case, it will take more than a two-thirds GOP majority there -- which all by itself is an impossible outcome from November -- to have a chance at conviction.
The "Is this good for society?" question has some important qualifiers attached: -- How far forward can we see? (Unintended consequences ramify over time.) -- Do we appreciate the incentives we'd create? (Prohibition turned organized crime into a big business.) -- What indicators should we watch to learn whether we've done the right thing? (If you watch inputs rather than outputs, as liberals like to do, you're not going to detect the onset of catastrophe early enough to halt it.) -- Should the indicators turn bad, will we be willing to admit our mistake? (You know how much politicians just LOVE to admit to mistakes.) -- Should we announce failure, will we be able to UNDO our mistake? (Special interests might thwart you; they've done so in the past.) "Good for society" must include satisfactory answers to all those questions, as well.
The Clintons were always a team:He provided the popular appeal; she's the schemer. But somehow I don't think Bill will put his public charisma to helping Hillary gain the White House. Indeed, I think he'd rather remain an entirely private citizen than allow Mrs. Clinton to sit in the Oval Office while he languishes elsewhere.
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