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Sure, how many other administration's attorney generals were charged with contempt of Congress for not handing over documents requested. And how many other administration's IRS conviently lost all interagency communications between key people in an ongoing scandal? And what WAS the POTUS doing during the Bengazi attacks?? Why does the press even BOTHER going to the WH to hear this...
what about the war on infants?
You think parents want those brats in their house another year?
I can't imagine what grounds the IRS can stand upon the next time they drag some poor guy into Tax Court and demand to see receipts for some deduction that hasn't been provided because "My harddrive crashed" or "my dog ate them". Bring in some smug lawyer and utter the same lines "grandpa" uttered and demand an apology... Hypocrites. At what point is America going to say "enough is enough"
Not only her hard drive, but 6 other people's computers mysteriously lost their emails from Lerner. Why didn't the FBI just go in and confiscate these computers? If it was some regular guy looking at child porn, they don't make accusations and then 6 months later demand the evidence that would convict themselves. Really? This is a joke. Not a thing will happen from this, just like all the other scandals.
How do you know "dead right" is a Christian?
I'm sure that all the people who Lerner emailed also have destroyed hard drives, too... I suppose if anyone is brought to tax court by the IRS, they can legally use the "dog ate my files" defense, as well... What clown is going to buy this?
So what, if they haven't impeached Obama by now, who really thinks Issa is going to do anything more than whine and cry? What happened with Fast and Furious and the contempt of DoJ? Nothing. If they have no intentions on doing anything, this is all just political BS. Ball-less wonders.
freaking liberal union hacks. What good are federal unions, anyway? They offend me. Fire them.
What does "part of the fabric of Afghanistan" mean? They live there? And that means they aren't terrorists? Wow. I suppose a disease is part of the fabric of the human body, so Democrats should do nothing about it when they get sick. The logic is astounding on the left.
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