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No on 64: Don’t Invite Cartels

Francis80 Wrote: Oct 11, 2012 7:26 AM
(2 of 6) It's painfully clear that most "conservative" opposition to drug policy reform stems from the misguided belief that this is a "liberal" issue (and should therefore be reflexively opposed). It's not. The drug war has been a bipartisan disaster. There's also an extremely tired "culture war" aspect to conservative opposition. "But only 'hippies' and 'leftists' like pot." Um... no, that's simply not true. And even if cannabis (or any other drug) is disproportionately enjoyed by "liberals," THAT'S NOT A PRINCIPLED REASON FOR CRIMINALIZING IT! It's also a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy. "Conservatives" might get a larger share of the "stoner" vote if the former group weren't so eager to arrest and incarcerate the latter.

Voters of Colorado should vote NO on amendment 64, a proposal to legalize marijuana in Colorado.

Voters should not treat this as only a question on the merits of marijuana legalization but rather on whether Colorado would be wise to make marijuana legal in the state even as it remains illegal in the rest of the country.

If our state becomes the only state in the nation to legalize marijuana, criminal organizations are more likely to set up shop in Colorado. Just as reducing taxes attracts legitimate businesses to the state, reducing criminal sanctions on...

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