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If the rapists had been white, the libs in NYC would want them to be castrated and then to spend life in prison. Since they were non-white, the libs have sympathy for them. LIberalism is truly a mental disease.
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The Grievance Industry's Spawn

FoxMulder Wrote: Apr 20, 2014 10:21 AM
Libs will consider this great column racist, sexist, homophobic and nativist. You left out Islamophobia, Derek! Yes, when these clueless twits graduate and try to find a job, they will find that they did not learn how to be a valuable employee to a potential boss. Blaming whitey for all your failures does not lead to success.
You libs have been at war with Christianity for almost 100 years. You consider us to be your worst enemy.
Give all the illegals a free bus ticket to Mexico and tell them they may return when they get a visa by following our immigration laws. I would give a limited amnesty to the few young illegal aliens who have demonstrated good character and got at least a B average in an American high school.
You lie. Allowing illegal aliens to remain in the USA without serving time in prison or paying a hefty fine is amnesty, and all the Dems in COngress support this.
Deport his illegal alien butt back to Mexico.
Amnesty is allowing illegal alien invaders to remain in our country without them having serve time in prison. Deport all illegal aliens.
Great article Ann! If Obama and the left, with the help of a few traitorous Republicans pass a mass amnesty for illegal aliens, the GOP is finished. No conservative will ever again be elected to the Presidency. Latinos vote more like blacks than they do like whites, especially the non-Cuban Latinos.
Too many states and counties do nothing to help the feds to deal with illegal immigration, especially the sanctuary state of CA, which has the most illegal aliens of any state.
Obama identified the enemy and the Obamabots at the IRS went after them.
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