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You can find out about IMMIGRATION BILLS here - https://www.numbersusa.com/congress/bills Ted Cruz's bill is one of the best ones out there.
Governments should not be paying ransom for its citizens; they should be killing the Muslims who are kidnapping their citizens.
This is all about politicis, not about doing what is best for Americans. Both parties want the Hispanic vote, and of course, the Dems will do anything to get it. If Obama gives another executive amnesty order, the GOP must take action against him. Impeach him or cut funding to the EPA and other out-of-control federal agencies.
Another liberal who has sympathy for the Muslim terrorist group Hamas. Katie, don't forget this if Shillary runs for President. I saw you on Fox today; good show!
This will have the Progressives tearing their hair out, so I love it. The USA was founded as a Christian nation, and Christianity is still the most popular religion in the USA!
With our borders wide open under Obama, how soon will one of these sick Africans enter the USA? We need to demand that Obama secure the border and stop the flood of illegals from Central America. Vote out all Dems this November to express your disgust at Obama.
I can't help hating Obama either. He is an enemy of the USA who is causing more damage than Al Qaeda caused on 9/11.
Yes, Obama promised that his plan would make electricity rates skyrocket. Obama's war on coal will probably cause an Republican Senator to be elected in November. We must punish Obama by voting out all Democrats, as the Dems in Congress seem to favor open borders and the non-depodrtation of illegal aliens.
Jew hatred is in the Koran; the Muslim savages are rioting all over Europe with bloodlust to kill Jews. Unless I am mistake, has not Hamas violated every cease-fire that they ever agreed to?
That's a stupid policy, even Obama comes up with a good idea now and then. Ryan has some good idea how to get the annual budget deficit under control. Besides, Obma and Holder already are reducing the sentences of tens of thousands of drug offenders.
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