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On Immigration, it's GOP v. GOP

FoxMulder Wrote: 11 hours ago (4:44 PM)
Conservatives want a secure border and our nation's immigration laws enforced. I would favor an amnesty for those children brought into the USA by their parents up to the age of 5, but not 14 as is in the senate comprehensive amnesty bill.
Conservatives donate more money to charity than you bleeding heart liberals who support abortion on demand. The jist of this article is correct that Black lives don't matter because White liberals like you abort so many Black babies.
The problem is the Black lives do not matter to the thugs and criminals who prey on their brothers and sisters in da hood. These criminals have no respect for anyone's lives but their own.
BS, liberals support hate speech laws which act just like Islamic blasphemy laws in Europe and Canada. The gutless liberal dhimmis in Europe passed hate speech laws that make it a crime to say anything negative about Islam, even if it can be proven to be true in a court of law. The traitorous left is on the side of Islamic jihad.
Yes, liberals and Islamic supremacists both support Muslim blasphemy laws. Liberals call them hate speech laws, but they accomplish the same thing as Islamic blasphemy laws. Liberals no longer support freedom of speech and religion.
The bill is too weak and should be shot down. Crack down on illegals and increase the number of yearly deportations.
Has anyone told Al Sharpton about this? Sharpton will not be pleased.
Liberalism is a lemon which our schools, colleges, news and entertainment media have successfully sold to tens of millions of American!
Like most left wingers, Obama has great sympathy for America's enemies. He is also the worst negotiater of all American Presidents. Really, 5 Taliban generals for 1 American deserter! Worse than the Sixers trade for Andrew Bynum!
Muslims despise Jews because Muhammad did. Muhammad called Jews pigs and apes. The Left is allied with Islamic Supremacists against Christians and Jews.
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