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Muslims will never give up territory that once was dominated by Islam. They still want to get most of Spain back under their control, as the ISIS jihadists recently stated. Islamic jihadists are savages that must be stamped out like the cockroaches that they are.
Yet, Obama said there is zero corruption in his administration. Wrong again, Obama.
We should tell these rich liberals who want to re-distribute wealth to - Give away your own money left wingers!
How can their be bi-partisanship when Obama and most Dems in Congress want open borders and virtually no illegal aliens be deported? Let's hope that the people punish the Dems for their refusal to stop the young illegals for flooding into our country.
I think there is hope for the young ones who are still in college. Once they get away from their left wing professors, they may learn that the world is quite different than the one those left wing America-hating professors preach about.
The traitorous left in the USA and Europe is on the side of the Muslim savages. The fact is that the Muslims do not want to live in peace; they prefer jihad against the infidels, especially the Jews.
yes, the libs do not support freedom of religion or speech.
I'm afraid that the USA has reached the stage all Democracies reach where the voters are voting for the guy who promises to give them the most free stuff. Unless that changes, we are headed for a rapid decline.
She's just as bad as Obama and Reid. How about we send several hundred of these illegals to her mansion in CA. I'm sure she could use some more servants.
Obama simply does not want to deport illegal aliens, and he will not do it. We are stuck with the turd Obama unless Congress impeaches him.
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