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An Open Letter to Sarah Palin

Founders1791 Wrote: Mar 26, 2013 12:43 PM
THINK CLEARLY ABOUT THIS CONFLICT & BETRAYAL OF TRUST (1) Scottie Hughes "ASSERTS" the following: "..But at CPAC last week you made a rush for the exits..instead of coming out and shaking hands of those you inspire, you quickly left the building without even a second glance..." (2) Is the "PRIMARY ASSERTION" True or False based on the evidence? It is FALSE (3) Is there evidentiary proof the assertion is false? Nearly 100 Photographs depicts Governor Palin interacting with those audience members (witnesses) after the speech shaking hands with those she inspires. CONCLUSION With the primary assertion refuted by facts the accuser expands a litany of more assertions and ad hominem attacks for no "apparent" reason.

You are beginning to worry me. I am afraid you are losing touch with the people of whom your fame is based. I, after all, was one of your biggest supporters once. I am thrilled that you get invitations to go to NBA games, that you display your Chick-fil-A shirt, and that you go and support your daughter and her celebrity friends on Dancing with the Stars.

But at CPAC last week you made a rush for the exits. After you gave an inspiring speech where you said to a thrilled audience, “At a time when our country is desperate for...