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Liberals, Progressives and Socialists

Hitler was a socialist like Ovomit. Hitler was a homosexual, at least part of his life, just like Ovomit. Hitler despised Christians and Jews, just like Ovomit. Hitler's Brown Shirts were homosexuals/pedophiles, so is half of Ovomit's cabinet. Hitler scapegoated Jews, Ovomit is scapegoating Israel. More similarities than differences.
In Europe, especially in Germany, hoisting a swastika-emblazoned Nazi flag is a crime. For decades after World War II, people have hunted down and sought punishment for Nazi murderers, who were responsible for the deaths of more than 20 million people.

Here's my question: Why are the horrors of Nazism so well-known and widely condemned but not those of socialism and communism? What goes untaught -- and possibly is covered up -- is that socialist and communist ideas have produced the greatest evil in mankind's history. You say, "Williams, what in the world are you talking about? Socialists, communists and their fellow...