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Obama Pouts: Republicans Won't Compromise on Gun Control

Forward to Communism Wrote: Jan 28, 2013 11:19 AM
"Go away conspiracy troll. Nobody wants to watch video of mass murder, except I guess YOU." Hey vapid clown, all we need is a video of Lanza entering Sandy Hook. On 12/13 Lanza, who had not been seen by anybody for the last 3 years and had NO motive, allegedly entered Sandy Hook and had an altercation in the hallway with the principal. Where is the video of that incident? Nobody got hurt then. And where is the video of Lanza entering Sandy Hook on 12/14? They don't have to show all the gruesome stuff (which most certainly did not happen). The police were able to produce a video in the Columbine shooting... Check out Sandy Hook Exposed, both parts. If you still believe government media lies, you have been successfully programmed.

When you can't win, accuse the other side of being extremists and uncompromising. In his latest effort to blame House Republicans for everything, President Obama is whining about their lack of compromise when it comes to gun control.

President Obama is suggesting that House Republicans on the issue of gun control appear neither willing to work with him nor inclined to listen to the American public on the issue.

“The House Republican majority is made up mostly of members who are in sharply gerrymandered districts that are very safely Republican and may not feel...