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I have asked about the video surveillance from Sandy Hook Elementary and I have been attacked by trolls and others. Can somebody explain to me why the government has failed to produce those videos. The school had a $300K video surveillance system . Wouldn't a videos from 12/13 and 12/14 showing Adam Lanza at the school make all the "conspiracy theorists," including Professor Tracy from Florida Atlantic University, go away????
Gary365, you are one of very few TH dwellers - and I am not referring to trolls only- with a functioning brain.
InSovietUnionSInce2008, thank you for flagging my posts. This further proves you are a loser, coward, and an imbecile, which fully qualifies you to work for Barry.
InSovietUnionSince2008, you are a loser and an imbecile, but that fully qualifies you to work for Barry,
Check out Sandy Hook Exposed, parts 1 and 2.
Is this a $5/hr lowest level apparatchik bending over for muslim reincarnation of Stalin?
Hey loser, how much does a lowest level apparatchik like you get paid? $5/hr?
Nervous, low level apparatchik?
Since most of the trolls here are communist homos, it is much more likely that it will happen to one of you, losers.
"Tell that to my parents and sister who went to the memorial for Sandy Hook victim Emilie Parker and saw her laid out in her casket with her grieving parents standing over her, IDIOT!!" Appararchik, it must have been different "Parkers" than the ones Communist Nazi Network (CNN) showed us. As far as I recall, Robbie Parker joked, laughed, and asked his coach whether he should read from the script before he got into the character of the grieving dad. And didn't the government tell us that the parents were not allowed to see their children and identified them via photos only? They must have made an exception for the made for TV "Parker" family with the photoshopped and resurrected 'Emilie" (sat on Barry's lap 2 days after her "death").
WTF, are you a troll and/or an imbecile?
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