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Inflation: Washington is Blind to Main Street's Biggest Concern

Forrest12 Wrote: Oct 16, 2012 2:52 PM
If we are not going to kill the Federal Reserve, then audit it and make sure that does nothing, except monitor the money supply. Transition as quickly as possible to a gold standard, with the intention of stopping Fiat currency. This is not easy but it is absolutely necessary for the maintenance of a government which guarantees individual liberty and freedom which is mindful to the rule of law.
Journalists, politicians and economists all seem to agree that the biggest economic issue currently worrying voters is unemployment. It follows then that most believe that the deciding factor in the presidential race will be the ability of each candidate to convince the public that his policies will create jobs. It seems that everyone got this memo...except the voters. 

According to the results of a Fox News poll released last week (a random telephone sample of more than 1,200 registered voters), 41% identified "inflation" as "the biggest economic problem they...