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Bernanke's Market Games

Forrest12 Wrote: Dec 15, 2012 4:04 PM
What is this? A leftist panty raid on the right? A right-thinking man, cannot simply read the article , and look for an intelligent discussion of different perspectives? Or, has a flock of you, mindless dodo birds, conspiratorially gathered together, to plant your rhetorical spasmodic attacks on prime, right wing, tea party, support journalism? Well, knock yourselves out and squawk on until the cows come home! I will wait for a brighter day, when the storm clouds of insolence blow over and the menagerie stops quarreling among themselves to quietly bask in the sun.

Stock traders, money managers, financial advisors, wealth consultants, or whatever else you call yourselves (gamblers all), beware, beware, beware! 

Ben Bernanke just provided the cue for when to fold your tent, cash in your chips, and head for the Hamptons. 

The target is 6.5%. 

No one in their right mind truly believes the U.S. stock markets would be where they are today without the cash infusions of the Federal Reserve. 

In fact, fundamental analysis would dictate that because of downsizing, food stamps, oil, war, and any other...