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Big Money, Little Opportunities

Forrelli Wrote: May 31, 2014 6:14 PM
New adults being less qualified for jobs has to do with expectations placed on them by their parents. The expectations include a good work ethic and success, along with kindness for humanity. The goal for the future differs with the qualities and interests and capabilities of each child. Parents need to show their children two things: love and a work ethic. And they need to let their children know that Mom and Dad (or just Mom/Dad) have a life of their own and do not intend to support their children after their college/training is finished.
Michelle needs to quit writing like she knows local issues. See my comments above.
The only state office in Indiana that is not Republican is the State Education Superintendent. That office is held by Glenda Ritz who was swept in by the unions who focused on this one candidate. The committee that is writing up new Indiana standards has been packed with Democrats. I consider Michelle a part of the pack of critics who do not know what is actually going on in Indiana (which can be remedied at any time by the legislature) and who are arrogant in their academic ivory towers. Indiana is the lightning rod for getting rid of Common Core. Your criticism just serves to blow up a good process. Shame on you.
The defeat of Heuer and Kabacki was a result of their vote on the gay marriage issue. They voted to change the wording in a referendum which was to go before the people this Fall, meaning the vote on the issue will not be a referendum until Fall 2016. I know this is true. I am a Hoosier living near their districts.
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