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And yet, there's still those bodies. Kinda proves my point about you being heartless.
Hey, Lois, you're switching channels in the middle of the program again. Sudden meaningless, disconnected rants like that mean you should probably listen to your doctor and go back on the meds.
You are too kind. the view from the Show-Me state is becoming less charitable toward her by the day.
Oh, now that one kind of answers itself, doesn't it? I mean, after all, this is lois01 we're dealing with here.
And a dead border agent. And an unknown number of dead Mexicans. So yeah, if you are a heartless liberal, it's nothing but politics.
The fact that you are certain you won't have to tells me you won't survive the disappointment.
I love watching you get kicked off so often. I'm going to love it more when you can't bring yourself to come back during the Romney administration.
Sadly, I doubt that is in the cards. If he were going to throw Holder under the bus, he would have done so before claiming executive privilege. Now, he's in up to his ears himself. Heh. Another bad call by the smartest president ever.
Folks, this is really tragic. Rumi is obviously sober enough to post, and we know he is going to need some of his favorite beverage to make it through tomorrow morning. Can't we get some of that TARP money to send him a bottle? He's a shovel-ready project if ever there was such a thing.
Are the nine convention no-shows all on record as not supporting Obama for re-election? I don't think so; McCaskill for one has gone out of her way to say she still supports him. Of course, that's a bad move. Missouri voted against him last time, they voted against Obamacare in a referendum, and his numbers are bad there. Not good news for the most endangered Democrat in the Senate.
Yes; Sharpton, et al, are in a corner on that one. If it's racist to vote in favor of contempt, then what does that say about such a substantial number of House Democrats.
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