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What makes you think the economy was only bad up until 2009? It's still a mess, and Obama is responsible. And THAT gets people on food stamps.
He's not an idiot for not knowing how to use a mic, he's an idiot for what he said, hot mic or not.
Only a bigot would use that as a screensaver.
Yeah, it 's funny, until you remember that these comedians are allowed to vote on bills to raise our taxes, send aid to hostile governments, and ignore crime. Then, you're back to anger.
That's cool. Just don't make the mistake of allowing them to walk back in.
Gotta go, kids. Keep laughing.
Me too. States moving from McCain's column toward Obama: 0 States moving from Obama's column toward Romney: 8 Based on 30 day average of 12 polls.
In case anyone noticed, the screaming libs are trying to change the subject. Which is, their own party is abandoning the administration.
That's better. Couple more sips, you'll get there.
And yet, there's still those bodies. Kinda proves my point about you being heartless.
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