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The union said, “Circumventing the legislative process to strip teachers of their professional rights hurts our students and our schools.” But the Teachers Union supported the courts when they circumvented the will of the people (twice) when they voted to defend marriage. Typical. BTW, isn't it curious that the left (and even Fox) say gay marriage ban when, in fact, these laws which define marriage as it has been since the founding of this nation also "ban" polygamy, polyamory, incestuous marriages, etc. Of course the propoganda machine has already started on the next step - polygamy - with tv shows such as Big Family.
Yet those same people would support a woman's right to "choose" death for a future child.
For long road trips, the first stop should be
Perhaps the state's motto should be changed from Sic Semper Tyrannis (thus always to tyrants) to Hic Tyrannorum Imperio (here tyrants rule). Thomas Jefferson is spinning at high RPMs in his grave.
Reminds me of a cartoon character from the 60's whose tag-line was: "You'll be sooooorrrrrrrrry!"
Another entry in the Newspeak Dictionary. Marriage Equality: All joinings one person with one or more other persons, regardless of sex, number, age, blood relation, etc. Hmmm, that was rather speciesist, don't you think. Perhaps it should be amended to include "regardless of species".
Ah, the irony of it all. Those on the enviro-left want to do away with modern industry, the internal combustion engine, and doubtless capitalism as well, which will return us to those halcyon days of yore described in the article above. (Forget about your iPhones and lattes) So return with me to the days of yesteryear, when life was nasty, brutish and short.
Taxes are what other people pay. Just ask any number of Obama Administration officials who owe the IRS $$$$$$$$$$.
"A British newspaper said that the Ambassador now had 'perceptible acceleration.' " Sounds like something Jeremy Clarkson would write.
The people who will benefit the most will be those union workers whose wages are tied to the minimum wage. (either as a percentage over the minimum wage, or as the minimum wage plus some dollar amount). Those on the lower end of the economic scale will be hurt, as they have always been hurt by increases in the minimum wage. But hey, if you are on the left, facts are just another inconvenient truth to ignore.
I think I will be vacationing in Missouri this year. Can't go wrong with that menu.
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