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I bet that if a female administrator or professor was the object of this man's desires, that the school's response would have been substantially different.
Yet another reason, as if any more were needed, why DC should NEVER become a state.
Tinsoldr, "marriage rates in the Netherlands and in many European countries was in decline long before same sex couples could get married." I believe I stated that, but that there was also a further decline after ssm was instituted. I also addressed the de-stigmatization issue, although not broken homes, as they were not a big factor in countries like Norway and Sweden, unlike the US. If there is "no legitimate government reason for denying same sex couples from getting married", then there is no similarly no legitimate reason for denying the others as well.
"While some would argue the babbles of success are the same as success, I could easily say it was a desire for those babbles that made the dream come true." I believe you meant to say "baubles".
Actually that is incorrect. A recent study showed that FF marriages end in divorce at a higher rate than MM or MF marriages do. One of the researchers opined that this was to be expected given that the majority of MF divorces are initiated by the woman.
HofG, while I know of a number of studies that have shown the impact of same sex marriage and civil unions, I am not familiar with one for the Netherlands specifically. However, there was a headline in a Dutch periodical that asked "Is Marriage Dead?" so there must have been a dramatic decline. Elsewhere in northern Europe, out of wedlock births have skyrocketed, up to 40% in at least one Scandinavian country. Whereas previously cohabiting Swedish couples would more often than not wed after the birth of their first child, they are no longer doing so, even after their second child. Granted there have been a number of things that have negatively impacted marriage. The Pill (as correctly predicted by Pope Paul VI and others in the mid 60's), no-fault divorce (or the availability of divorce in countries that previously had none), and the rise of the all sex is good mentality have all contributed, but the curve became steeper in those Scandinavian countries that instituted ssm after they did so. The other fallacy is that these judges are overturning gay marriage "bans". When these laws describe marriage as being between one man and one woman, it also "bans" polygamy, polyamory, and any other form of "marriage" outside the traditional norm. But then, quite a few who want gay marriage care nothing about gays per se, but are seeking to overturn the concept of marriage itself. Once the definition is changed, there is nothing to prevent any of these other relationships as all being part of the new "normal", and indeed the move is already afoot to get polygamy recognized next. Just as in the increasingly supportive and numerous portrayals of gays in entertainment, the same has started on the polygamy and polyamory fronts. Citing the gay marriage arguments concerning the idea that two adults who love each other should be able to marry, there have even been requests for marriage between brother and sister.
Sorceress, Right you are, just like the 97% of scientists who believe in man-made global warming. A total fiction from a number taken out of context. The actual paper stated that something like 3% believed that the earth was warming, and the 97% of THEM believed this was caused by human activity. The liberals are very familiar in using what Josef Stalin used to call The Big Lie.
Outhouse with seats? What a luxury. Slit trenches are more common.
Correct you are, Jeff. There have also been a number of well-written articles by currently serving women Marines that also point out what should be common sense, based on their own experiences. This from women who are very fit, smart and otherwise capable. The bottom line was that they do not have the same stamina, and that their bodies are taking much more punishment for the same activities as men's, with the result that they will be more likely to suffer ill-health when older.
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Menstrual Activism

Former_Naval_Person Wrote: Jul 28, 2014 12:46 PM
I guess the fact that I have purchased tampons for my wife for years makes me a real man, my success as a father or combat record notwithstanding. Thanks, my self-esteem is so much better now.
Far be it for me to tell God that He has screwed up. I am not one of those who believe that God is deciding every last thing that occurs on Earth. Otherwise why did He give us free will? Our planet has a number of mechanisms to transfer heat from the tropics to the higher latitudes, making the planet inhabitable, but are we going to say that God screwed up because some of those (e.g. hurricanes) kill people? I think not. What I am saying is that there may be some legitimate cases where a person's wires got crossed, with the result that a person is of one sex in everything except anatomy. We do not yet know enough about our bodies and minds to make any definitive diagnoses, which is why I am not willing to condemn every single person who wants to physically change their sex. I do believe, however, that these cases are in the minority of the total population that want to do this. I also believe that the medical needs or delusions of a small part of the population should be used for political purposes, and condemn those who do.
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