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Could it be that the lefty-liberal-progressive pendulum has finally reached the end of its swing, and will start to move back in the other direction? One certainly hopes so.
Have no fear, this administration is hard at work to make sure that this will no longer be true in the future.
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Fascist Leftists in Houston

Former_Naval_Person Wrote: Oct 17, 2014 12:45 PM
So it is not okay for any clergy to comment negatively on anything the left is doing, (violation of the misused term "separation of church and state", which was originally defined as protecting the church FROM the state), it is okay for liberal clergy members to actually run for President? (a la Jesse Jackson)
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Time to Boycott College?

Former_Naval_Person Wrote: Oct 17, 2014 12:31 PM
"Educators want to teach students skills that are transferable across specific jobs, and prepare them for civic engagement, and lifelong learning." Unfortunately, many, or most, educators want to indoctrinate students into their leftist world view where America is the greatest evil and religion is a curse upon humanity that needs to be eradicated. Except Islam, that religion of peace, of course.
Funny that they would link those two, as it is the LGBTQ activists and their fellow leftists who are the real bullies. BTW, those transsexual/transgender folks I know personally do NOT identify with homosexuals. They consider themselves of the sex that their biology unfortunately does not match, and mostly want to be left alone to pursue their dreams for inner peace and wholeness once their transition is complete.
Newspeak Dictionary: News - Sugar-coated hagiographies of lefty politicians. Propaganda - Factual reporting that shows the failures of leftist policies.
Shakespeare was a Christian. Oh, wait, they probably don't require reading him any more, either.
What is truly sad is that while there is such furor on the left about this, the true state of Native Americans on a number of reservations, and in society in general, is ignored. Changing the name of a sports team will accomplish nothing. The PC Gestapo will just find the next target on which to vent their outrage. Native Americans will benefit nothing.
I betcha Sarah Palin would have saluted properly.
No worries. These kids will soon be joined by the tens of thousands of illegal alien children who will be sent to join our children without vaccinations and in many (or most) cases already afflicted with various diseases and parasites.
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