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Red Auerbach's smoking habits predate the current view that smoking is one of the greatest possible evils.
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Slavery Reparations

Former_Naval_Person Wrote: Jun 18, 2014 12:14 PM
Not to mention that there are more blacks in the US who entered the US after the abolition of slavery than there are blacks who had slave ancestors.
Conservatives or those who wish to follow the precepts of the Constitution are NOT welcome in NY state, but those who are brazenly breaking our laws are.
If a federal contractor tried to sell this B$, thereby violating their required record keeping under federal law, one or more people would be in jail and that company would no longer be able to do business with the federal government.
And we will want to have our cars driven by systems that will also fail when needed most. Wonderful.
"... women are using abortion as just another form of contraception." This has been true for a long time, as evidenced by the high numbers of women who have had multiple abortions. Our society has become overwhelmingly selfish, and this is just one example.
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Who Owns You?

Former_Naval_Person Wrote: Jun 11, 2014 8:11 PM
A handful of states have either legalized assisted suicide or do not have any statues expressly outlawing it, yet the FDA won't let a person decide for themselves whether to take an experimental drug. Of course those who can afford to do so have traveled to Mexico or other countries for this sort of treatment, but wouldn't it be better to have you own doctors involved?
I asked Bolton if he thought the Vietnam War was a good intervention. "Obviously, the way it played out, it was not," he said, but, "it's always easy after the fact to second-guess." Let's get this straight. The war was lost when the Democrats in Congress pulled the plug on our obligations to the South and cut off all funding to them after our withdrawal. The North's military defeats were followed by one political victory.
The union said, “Circumventing the legislative process to strip teachers of their professional rights hurts our students and our schools.” But the Teachers Union supported the courts when they circumvented the will of the people (twice) when they voted to defend marriage. Typical. BTW, isn't it curious that the left (and even Fox) say gay marriage ban when, in fact, these laws which define marriage as it has been since the founding of this nation also "ban" polygamy, polyamory, incestuous marriages, etc. Of course the propoganda machine has already started on the next step - polygamy - with tv shows such as Big Family.
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