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If your children are not safe, train them in firearms safety so they can protect themselves if need be.
Let me play devil's advocate (pardon the pun) for just a minute. Suppose that Jesus did have a wife, or even a family. (There are some who claim that the wedding at Cana was originally describing Jesus' own wedding.) As He was both fully human and fully divine, having a family would be part of the fully human part of that equation. Now, when He sacrified Himself for the redemption of sin, one could argue that His sacrifice (as a human) would have been even greater had He left a wife behind. This would even make Jesus' prayers in the Garden of Gesthemane even more heartfelt. Just something to think about as we approach Good Friday and Easter. God bless you all.
First, the editorial didn't say that any party should be a religious institution. Second, the editorial did say that the Democrats on the left worshipped government. Therefore, you are either agreeing with the editorial, or didn't understand it.
Yet another example of the Left's War on Women.
Nothing is more important to many of today's politicians than raising money on the backs of their constituents.
Larry, making a fool out of Kerry? No outside assistance was needed for that.
Leftists never deal with the consequences of their words or actions.
The American version of TASS is alive and well.
Democrat recipe for success. Delay Medicare cuts until after a Republican gets sworn in as President, then when they happen, they can blame the Republicans.
There is "discrimination" ONLY is you agree to separate all meaning from the word marriage. Any man has the right to marry any woman, regardless of sexual preference.
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