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A Post-Post Office World

Former_Naval_Person Wrote: Apr 17, 2013 10:11 AM
There are post offices that should be closed. One nearby is very small and close to other post office locations. Strange thing is that if someone in their area gets a package that needs to be picked up, they have to go to another, larger post office location. If you can't even get your packages there, what good is it? It's not like it is in an historic building that needs to be preserved. Having driven through almost all of the states in this nation, I have seen many examples of what are likely similar situations. And no, they are not all in remote, rural areas.

Even parts of government that look like a business never get run with the efficiency of a business. Just look at the post office.

They buy commercials and tout their services the way private businesses do. They offer a service that customers want.

But a real business can't get away with losing billions every year. (I guess in the era of bailouts, I should say shouldn't get away with it.) The post office lost $16 billion last year, despite having all sorts of advantages that most private businesses don't have.

They have a near monopoly on first-class mail delivery. You want...

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