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How To Not Get Shot By The Police

Darl23 Wrote: Dec 02, 2014 2:24 AM
That's a harrowing story. And who knows, things could have tragically gone bad. But I'm pretty sure that DPD gave up pud profiling quite some time ago.
The President has given a terrific speech and shown great courage. Let's do what a Americans do best and rally together and support his efforts.
Completely irresponsible and wrong. Can't believe that anyone who's been a competent health care practitioner would come up with this kind of outrageous nonsense.
Good for Boehner, showing some cajones in telling troglodyte dips***s to p**s up a rope.
well at least there is one michel that is smoking hot and that is this one that wrote this great article. she is so hot and smart too she has ripped lid off what the commies and forengers and etc are doing to the country especially the etc. having family of etceters in the White House is denegrating and destroyng the nation. Also besides being hot Milchelle Malking has proven how anti free enterprise are a lot of corporations like John Birch said theyd sell rope for the commies to hang us
thank youo jeff for your stiring words. Right on!
and then they impeach illegal president and they'll be next in line per Constiution and Cruz will be President with like Paul as Veep President. And Lee, Trent Frankss, Gomer and Mulekamp in Cabinet and others too. Then we get Amercica back. Now, now, now! Let's roll!
This is disgrace. Sen Cruz needs to take over from OConnel in Senate and then Gomer and Muelscamp from over ta KS need to take over in House from bohner and Eddie Cantor there.
Bufet and Gates too are liberals, and a part of behind it all. That's why I don't have IPAD as that is part of it all.
Here's the sitation. They needed to hold line on debt ceiling. nothing bad would happen. What like Waren Buffet knows anything about economy and or history. He's a big commie showboat just to dupe real Americans.
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