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I've have read the CONSTITUTION once real good. My friend Carl has read it twice. it's clear to people like us who know, and no, everyone knows that no one went to law school knows a dang tootin thing about CONSTITUTION. Like I said we know that everthing Linch said was unCONSTITUTIONAL, as does all that know. But that ain't at all all of it.. Dispointed that Crux, Session, Vitters, Leee, etcetera al did not do more. They shoulda took over, had a corum, and prevent her from speaking at all. And then force to confess her commie ties and the presdident's too, or not let her out of room. Then arrest her for bein' commie and then impeach presient. Must stand up for us who voted to stem off the tide of foreigners, commies, etc. that is destroying country. Especially etceteras. One's presdent, now another etcetera as Att Gen. Whoo boy. Too much. We's in deep troule. ImPeach the commies now and make Crudz presendent.
Dear Townhall: While any sensible person is furious over this outrage in Paris, and would want to make sure that the community of free nations deals with maniacs like this decisively, it somehow seems like a bad idea to be maintaining comment threads where people can comfortably advocate genocide and the death of our Commander in Chief. Think maybe you oughta clean it up a bit?
He was a great man. One paisan here who's proud to share his heritage. And if you don't agree with his politics, you could at least show some simple common decency. Instead of showing yourself to be scumbag, loser, cretinous, lousy excuses for human beings. None of you could even imagine carrying his shoes. Hope when you're date with eternity comes, there won't be losers hangin' around talkin' cheap trash about you. If you all are what makes America great, we are so thoroughly f--ked. By your enemies shall you know him. RIP Mario Cuomo.
President-elect cruz is right. Woo, good thing the Repbulicans won and that he takes over top spot come january. But this is disaster. It will no longer be safe in Florida, as commie terrorst agents will be swarming all over. it's there commie beachhead, part of plot destroy country unfolding, as said in the movie. Even Disney World not safe. How long before some Cuban commie trys to depacitate Mickey. Course this won't work. How could it?! How stupid! Look what's happened with reconizing China. That has been disaster for whole world.. The gole of course shouldv'e been/be return to democracy like under Battistta. Cubans enjoyed the same freedoms we had then, but now, sadly saying none of us hardly do. Oburma-Carey-Clipon foureign policy my youknowwhat. This is Oburma-Putin-Mao-Fidel policy. And since the Pope had something to do with this, we need to embargo Vatican too, until such time as they allow there people freedom, including freedom of worship. Our days as even sort of free might be numbered, unless they move Cruz inawgaral up to like before Christmas.Make you're voice known, real patriotots.
he is my hero. I am so glad he is experimenting with his head shape to try and get it like normal. Of course it is the way it is because of his gigantical cranial/cognito powers. But it will help him getting higher office by having a head more like regular humans.
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How To Not Get Shot By The Police

Darl23 Wrote: Dec 02, 2014 2:24 AM
That's a harrowing story. And who knows, things could have tragically gone bad. But I'm pretty sure that DPD gave up pud profiling quite some time ago.
The President has given a terrific speech and shown great courage. Let's do what a Americans do best and rally together and support his efforts.
Completely irresponsible and wrong. Can't believe that anyone who's been a competent health care practitioner would come up with this kind of outrageous nonsense.
Good for Boehner, showing some cajones in telling troglodyte dips***s to p**s up a rope.
well at least there is one michel that is smoking hot and that is this one that wrote this great article. she is so hot and smart too she has ripped lid off what the commies and forengers and etc are doing to the country especially the etc. having family of etceters in the White House is denegrating and destroyng the nation. Also besides being hot Milchelle Malking has proven how anti free enterprise are a lot of corporations like John Birch said theyd sell rope for the commies to hang us
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