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Too bad we couldn't give them Obama too. He needs to be with his kind --- America hating jihadists. But they said no, he's not man enough to grow a beard. #ImpeachObama
Sonny and Cher from the WH - "And the beat goes on, the beat goes on." #ImpeachObama
#ImpeachObama. He understands a hashtag message, doesn't he?
The CBO should evaluate the facts and report on them. Using the CBO as a partisan political tool when it's convenient show Obama and the dems have no substance for their proposals. #IIMPEACHOBAMA
Jeb is out of touch and has no business now running for POTUS.
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Horton Hears the Who

ForeFathers Wrote: Jun 02, 2014 6:49 AM
To Bruce Horton, Do not apply for a job which requires intelligent thought, respect, civility, or compassion. Your e-mail shows what a coward you are. Because of social media, people hide behind their electronic gadgets and don't develop personal relations where they actually have a face-to-face conversation.
Gee, John. This one again? Boring.
Yes, we have a book deal for you even though not too many copies will be sold.
Ok,ok, I'll speculate. Shinseki, you're fired.
We all know that "global warming" happens when Obama opens his mouth, as it does when most politicians speak.
Well done, Dr. Adams. I don't know your colleague, but I could judge him by the content of his character and not the color of his skin.
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