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The Hilliaristas respond, "what difference does it make?" The democrats are the party of voter fraud and will do anything to win.
What, glitches in the ACA? Maybe Obama can just write an Executive Order canceling the whole thing. Then, democrats would breathe a sigh of relief as there wouldn't be anything the republicans could use to take the senate. Now, that's pathetic.
As we have seen from our Congress, a college degree doesn't really show the knowledge, experience, and wisdom one has. The condescending attitude of Mr. Perdue absolutely raises questions as to his character.
Only if they cook the books of the economic data. How come we don't have any body from the GOP blasting away on this drivel?
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Francis: No, I am Not a Communist

ForeFathers Wrote: Apr 05, 2014 3:35 PM
Weewillie, it's called Hell.
Well written, Dr. Carson. We are becoming a nation of whining wimps when somebody has a different idea. Hypothesis: if you raise the taxes on the people who have money (rich, 1%, etc.) and redistribute the money to the poor so their needs will be met, then, over time, the rich will gain the money back and the poor will become poorer still.
Don't forget condom companies for the guys (if they use 'em) or more hospices for AIDS patients. Sad to say.
Man has an innate desire to achieve and create. When you want to impose exorbitant taxes on the rich, and provide the poor money, you stifle the motivation to go out and do something great. You become mediocre as a person, as a society and as a nation.
As a teacher, common core is the biggest fraud coming down the education pike. It's not just the marketing among groups, but the standards are well below what we have had in the past. And, the way they want to teach the material does not lead to the all-holy HOT (Higher Order Thinking), but all must be on the same page repeating the same mantra. It's BS.
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