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Nevada, WTF is wrong with you for electing this moron?
Her one major accomplishment came when she was First Lady. Her husband had.......(you get to fill in the blanks).
No plans to drop UN envoy and no plans to stop their nuclear development program. Who's gonna make us? You, Obo?
The enemy of my friend is my enemy.
Obama says, "The enemy of my friend is my friend." Isn't that an Islamic saying?
And another thing: she would know how to duck if she would've been in Benghazi.
Needs work on her accuracy.
It is rather difficult for a journalist to work for an organization where the bosses are not journalists.
As it should've happen. Justice prevails. It shouldn't matter if one is liberal or conservative, atheist or religious, when the law is applied fairly we all benefit.
The Hilliaristas respond, "what difference does it make?" The democrats are the party of voter fraud and will do anything to win.
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