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Woe is us if she is elected.
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Cantor Loses By 11 Million Voters

ForeFathers Wrote: Jun 12, 2014 9:12 AM
Term Limits, anyone? Oh, excuse me, the voters have spoken.
any so-called Tea Party candidate will probably lose to the democratic opponent. Ousting Cantor from the house is just one election and there's still a majority of dems in the senate.
Now it's "No Big Deal"? But Vice President Biden says it's all a "Big F……in Deal."
Please, Putting the clown wig and a rubber nose on a picture of the POTUS is an insult to all of us bozos out here in the heartland. Besides, we may be clowns, but we know bullsh.. when we see it.
Another Obama program? How can he propose so much to benefit so few and return so little?
After all, these “gallant crusades for the truth!” (as Columbia school of Journalism hails it’s graduates) have plenty on their Cuban plates already… should be Columbia school of political spin and lies. #SendObamatoGitmo
Too bad we couldn't give them Obama too. He needs to be with his kind --- America hating jihadists. But they said no, he's not man enough to grow a beard. #ImpeachObama
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