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It was in the "editor's note"
Why even bother with lawsuits? Just Impeach the guy! Liberals love revolutions, and people in this country have had enough of his BS, so lets grab our pitchforks and demand his head! He thinks himself a monarch, lets drag his as.s to the guillotine!
I wonder how he argues with his wife!? Does she call him on his BS at all?
someone should have held her down and forced some steak down her throat; let the blood juices drip down her gullet.
I meant that in all things politics, everything is tactical. Davis is mud slinging like any predicable Democrat. Abbott instead of doing the same, is "taking the high road." I meant that he knows exactly what he is doing, and is not playing into the democrat strategy. Yes it speaks to his character, but its also a political tactic.
It's still about choice though... Pressure from insurance companies et. all is just pressure. You still have the choice to live through the pain. I think what Maynard is saying is all she wants is the choice. To die by her choosing in her home state, which is still illegal. I may not neccisarily agree with her, but all she wants is the choice. People who commit suicide have that. They can't bear what pain is causing them, so they end their life. They, nor their families are criminalized by the law, but why should Maynard's campaign?
...maybe, but what are the details of each case? It's easy to say he did 'this' or 'that.' What's more important is the Why. Each case has individual specifics that get muddled in the generalization of your statement. I'm sure he acted in a way he though best for each case, as I'm sure Davis would have. You never really know in these situations...
True, but its also a political tactic to make himself look beter. She really keeps shooting herself in the foot by running her mouth like this. As a Texan, I already know who I'm voting for.
I got ticked at the Adrian Peterson story. His son was 4 years old! No child that young deserves that kind of punishment. I was even more PO'd that guys in my fantasy league were defending him! It seems like women are coming out of the woodwork now accusing Domestic Violence against NFL players. While each case should be taken seriously, I can't help but think, a lot of these are money grabs by former girlfriends or one-night stands.
Yet all we will here on leftist news outlets (MSNBC, Buzzfeed, etc) is how over aggressive Israel is...what a shame.
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