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All it takes is one family man/woman to pull the trigger on a SWAT team invading their home without a warrant. Sure they may get arrested, or god forbid killed, but Americans will stand up and fight back; have no doubt about that. Just remember, Gov't can do whatever they want if you give them just enough power.
But just think of all the liberals that will have their hands blown off! :)
Wasn't there a report that found Martin and Incognito exchanged text messages where BOTH players used vulgar and inappropriate (racial?) language?
Its a great idea actually, too bad the technology isn't there yet. This is something I could get behind; if the "smart-gun" was 100% reliable. When that happens though, criminals will be able to undo the finger print scanner and go back to having a regular gun. I guess its just wishful thinking I could be like Judge Dredd..
Wasn't it the Dems who cried and whined in 2011-2012ish when they threatened to shut down the Gov't bc they didn't get what they wanted in a Debt ceiling increase? So Boehner conceded and raised it? All the left does is tax and spend! Now we need to borrow more money? For what? At least Cruz tried and fought for something, not like Boehner who just bends over and takes it...
Trust me, its number 2...I'm from Texas and most are not as dumb as this person. I was having a conversation the other day; if everyone pays into Medicaid/Medicare, and Social Security, why is it going bankrupt? If you can only transfer your Social Security to your spouse when one dies, theoretically the gov't should have more money coming in than going out. If the living spouse gets remarried, the Social Security they were getting, goes back to the gov't. Again, why is it going bankrupt?
I'm slowly hoping for the day when China, the EU, and other countries will finally look at us and say...NO. No more borrowing, no more loans, no more assistance. Maybe then when we can't pay for anything, people will finally wake up and clear out all the liberals and their tax/borrow and spend ideology. A conservative can dream...
I'm read these comments and don't understand why people are upset with the school officials. It's been known for a long time, in many states, that any type of firearm, or replica of a gun/weapon, will result in severe punishment for the student. Yes I would blame the parents for being irresponsible, but the kid could have snuck it in his backpack without their knowledge to show the gun--possibly a gift given to him--to his friends, despite his "history of making threats to the school" (who takes the threats of a 10 year old seriously anyway?). In these types of situations, police are always involved.
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