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I got ticked at the Adrian Peterson story. His son was 4 years old! No child that young deserves that kind of punishment. I was even more PO'd that guys in my fantasy league were defending him! It seems like women are coming out of the woodwork now accusing Domestic Violence against NFL players. While each case should be taken seriously, I can't help but think, a lot of these are money grabs by former girlfriends or one-night stands.
Yet all we will here on leftist news outlets (MSNBC, Buzzfeed, etc) is how over aggressive Israel is...what a shame.
That's because they care more about the ambiguous situation in Missouri. If it doesn't concern black people, especially black kids, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do not care.
Its funny how the left want to "save" all the "babies" and their "mothers" coming over the border, but are practically shoving young American women into planned parenthood and abortion clinics to kill off babies in the womb past the trimester.
I bet if they spoke out about abortion today players would be fined for some ridiculous reason.
That's a bit of a stretch using that comparisson. You are describing employement practices, which is a totally different arguement, and whose practices and laws have long since been established and accepted by all Americans, religion nonwithstanding. The argument here, in my opinion, is more about government overreach in privatetly owned businesses. Hobby Lobby is basically arguing that the Feds can't inject their ideologies/mandates/laws and force them to go against, what they believe, is their constitutional right and freedom.
The bigger problem here that of the feinging intrests in soccer. I never liked it at all: every player is a drama queen when they fall down, they practically cry and plead to the refs over a WARNING, not an actual foul, as if they are about to be killed or something. I'm sick of my fb feed always showing how much people love soccer; no, you don't. They may have national pride, that's great, but don't pretend to be into soccer, then a month later act as if nothing happened.
I didn't read the article, but I wanted to comment on the picture. The woman holding the pink sign that reads "My birth control. My Decision." is absolutley right....Its her decision to go spend the money she makes and buy/not buy, use/not use birth control. Forcing her employer to do it is not a decision she gets to make!
If all business owners were smart, they would pack up and moe to Orgegon or some place just out of Seattle or Washington State. Let Seattle become a ghost town and give it to the Liberals to run, then see how they like having to deal with all of their shennanigans...
All it takes is one family man/woman to pull the trigger on a SWAT team invading their home without a warrant. Sure they may get arrested, or god forbid killed, but Americans will stand up and fight back; have no doubt about that. Just remember, Gov't can do whatever they want if you give them just enough power.
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