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We Aren't Quite as Stupid as They Think

Fooling Wrote: Dec 22, 2012 3:46 PM
I was beginning to wonder if it was only I who found the Hillary thing absurd! There is something stinky, fishy, smelly, slimy, unwholesome, vile, scuzzy, sleazy, and just plain nauseating about these mendacious (that means lying, for your Dems) politicians like Hillary and crew. One thing: President Clinton a roaring conservative I would say he is a roaring conservative next to George W. Bush, the Big Spending GOP fool from Texas!!!!
If you are reading any opinion column during the Christmas season, you are likely an individual who seeks out information and observations, and comes to your own conclusions. In other words, you are a "thinking" man or women, and whether you ever agree with a single word I write, I nevertheless both congratulate and give thanks for you. And this column is for you.

Most politicians and many in the media truly believe we are stupid. We are the masses. We are those meant to receive a pat on the head, an empty promise and a warm feeling --- that leaves...