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Operation Hubris

Fooling Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 10:20 PM
Want hubris? How about the stinking GOP cowards who call themselves "Senator." It is just a shame that McCain has brainwashed the world into thinking he has some kind of virtue because he was or was not an alleged war hero in 'Nam. So what! He is a savage, vile old man now. I would take Ted Cruz in a foxhole over these RINOs any day! Heck, I would take OBAMA over a RINO in a foxhole because though a sleaze, at least I know I trust his word, just like he promised us national healthcare, etc., etc. At least the man walks his talk. The GOP is DONE FOR.
Fooling Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 10:22 PM
And hey Lindsey Graham. You remind me WAY too much of John Edwards. I am just saying. Heck, it would not bother me if the Democrats turned their spotlight on you, hardcore.

Just saying, you sanctimonious hypocrite. None of you people should be trusted with our kids' futures. Heck, I would take John Kerry over you fools! Again, at least he walks his talk~!

One of the great things about American politics is its capacity for punishing hubris.

For the ancient Greeks, hubris didn't merely describe god-like arrogance. It was a crime, usually defined as taking too much pleasure in the humiliation of your foes. In its modern usage it usually means the pride that comes before the fall.

In the wake of Barack Obama's State of the Union address, both connotations seem at least a little apt. We are well into our fourth month of epidemic thumb-suckery over the question, "Are the Republicans doomed?" The latest New York Times Magazine asks, "Can the Republicans...