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Official Lies

Fooling Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 11:56 AM
I thought on this this morning. I do not know that they will EVER learn. There are 1 million plus gangstas, hardcore, on the streets. In a crash, doyou think they will read Hayek? Who will blacks (gawdddd!!!!) turn to, Hayek or Sharpton? Do you think the millions of white Left Winger govt employees are going to follow Friedman or Keynes/Marx? I mean, the only solution is let the slugs who like being led by their nose get the 49 richest states, let freedom lovers get one state, and in 5 years the freedom lovers' state will be the richest and the others will be slaves and servants to the ruling class in China!

Let's expose presidential prevarication. Earlier this year, President Barack Obama warned that Social Security checks will be delayed if Congress fails to increase the government's borrowing authority by raising the debt ceiling. However, there's an issue with this warning. According to the 2012 Social Security trustees report, assets in Social Security's trust funds totaled $2.7 trillion, and Social Security expenditures totaled $773 billion. Therefore, regardless of what Congress does about the debt limit, Social Security recipients are guaranteed their checks. Just take the money from the $2.7 trillion assets held in trust.

Which is the lie, Social Security checks must be...