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God willing you are right. But then we are still left with statists, write just a tad bit smaller.
It must cater to its viewers. The commentators' IQs will never improve.
No piece, no peace. Maxine Waters? Al Sharpton? Jesse Jackson? WRONG!!!! Mighty Whitey.
Only a pity if you are one of the people who need medical care ; )
Well - he and his band of merry, gay thieves seem to be winning the war, do they not? He is in touch with reality. In a very, very, bad kind of way. Like he is evil and knows exactly what he is doing.
I have Texas roots and love you Ted! Keep it up brother. You've got guts. Maybe it will become contagious!
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One-Size: A Need for Prison Reform

Fooling Wrote: May 07, 2013 11:12 AM
Agreed. But who cares about the idiot who just smokes a joint now and then? Seriously . . . . this article is right in many regards. As a former prosecutor, I am not exactly soft on crime. But there is abuse in the system.
Amen Gator. I agree. And also LMFWAO!
God I despise the GOP. So much. What a pathetic opposition they are. They will be remembered by history as corrupt, fat, lazy statists who stood by and did nothing while Obama had his way with each and every one of them, long and hard.
Glad to fall into that category, then. What an ignorant Sod. Had he half a brain, he would know that gun control was used in the South after the Civil War to ensure blacks would stay unarmed. Savages, the Leftists. To the core.
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