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Capitalism Isn't Dying

Fooling Wrote: Apr 02, 2013 10:04 PM
No, it is actually already quite Dead. Hey, what would you (will you) do when the banks steal all of your money like in Cypress/ No wonder they want our guns. Duh.

PARIS -- Be careful about how you interpret what you're seeing, as your eyes might be deceiving you. That's the advice I offered viewers the other day on Russia's global TV network's flagship program, "CrossTalk," when explaining that capitalism isn't facing any sort of crisis, but rather is just being subverted by socialists, Wall Street con artists and various anti-capitalist wishful thinkers who are corrupting the once-straightforward relationship between work and benefit.

It has become common to describe the now-defunct Occupy Wall Street movement as a rebellion against the perceived failure of capitalism. The Occupy movement fizzled out largely because the...