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Avoiding the Wars That Never End

Fooling Wrote: Jan 20, 2013 11:30 AM
We need to bring back the right to assassinate a hostile nation's leader. It would save massive bloodshed down the road. When we do enter a country to take out terrorists, our force should be massive, overwhelmingly violent, and effective. And then we should LEAVE! Our nation has no business occupying the Middle East. We have become Empire. Something vile. Not worth sacrificing the lives of our young men any further. Beat the war drums, and make the military industrial wealthy? I for one am tired of it. And take less and less pride in our military with each passing day. This nonsense started in Korea, and spilled into Nam, and now look what we have. An occupation military.

Last week, U.S. President Barack Obama announced that the United States would transfer the primary responsibility for combat operations in Afghanistan to the Afghan military in the coming months, a major step toward the withdrawal of U.S. forces. Also last week, France began an intervention in Mali designed to block jihadists from taking control of the country and creating a base of operations in France's former African colonies.

The two events are linked in a way that transcends the issue of Islamist insurgency and points to a larger geopolitical shift. The United States is not just drawing down its combat...

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