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President Obama Lies to Univision About Operation Fast and Furious

fooba Wrote: Sep 22, 2012 10:10 AM
I have NEVER in my life seen a President of the United States purposely mislead and lie to the American people as President Obama ?, I mean the examples are endless and often while the ignorant eat it up and those who know better ask themselves how he is able to get away with such blatant disinformation .

Yesterday, Univision reporter Jorge Ramos did the job the American press won't do by asking Barack Obama tough questions, including questions on the topic of Fast and Furious. Obama of course tried to dodge the question by falsely citing Fast and Furious as starting under the Bush Administration. In reality, Fast and Furious was initiated in September 2009 and was carried out starting in October 2009, well into President Obama's first term. From the Univision interview:

Ramos: Shouldn't Attonrey General Eric have known about that and if he didn't shouldn't you fire him?

Obama: “I...