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The End of Spectator Citizenship

foggytrucker Wrote: Jul 08, 2012 1:31 PM
Romney supported the Global Warming hoax. But now he's going to fight back against the junk science and save inexpensive electric power in the face of concentrated elite opposition? Romney thought that the cure for what ails our medical field was more government involvement. But now he's going to go to back to get rid of ObamaCare and let loose the market with measures like legalizing inexpensive catastrophic policies? Talk about laughable.

“The problem is,” a utility company executive told me, “that there is no one at the table who cares about the ratepayers. There is no one who cares about low-cost energy. Everyone is too concerned about looking PC instead of standing up for the consumer.” We were discussing the “stay” announced last week by the EPA that allows the state of New Mexico more time to find an alternative solution toward meeting the visibility requirements spelled out in the Clean Air Act.

New Mexico has been battling with the EPA over its insistence that the state use selective catalytic reduction...