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Christians Should Vote For Romney

foggytrucker Wrote: Jun 14, 2012 10:24 AM
I swore after watching Grampa McLame's campaign pile on Sarah Palin that I would never vote for another GOP liberal. Of course, Obama's antics have caused me to start questioning that. But last night I saw on Romney's podium this slogan "Repeal & Replace ObamaCare." No, Mitt, REPEAL. If Romney's elected, we will have RomneyCare (or ObamaCare light if you prefer). Sorry about the judges, guess the GOP shoulda thought of that last year. I will help work for a strong senate to rein him in, but Romney would be a disaster. The Republicans had to be dragged right, kicking and screaming, by the Tea Party. They long to run leviathan. The GOP that keeps giving us Dole, W. Bush (Part D, bailout, etc.), McLame, and now Romney needs to die.
As a proud Sconnie, I can say Ms. Coulter is perfectly correct, as far as she goes. Problem we face here is that a judge who was on record as supporting the recall found our Voter ID law unconstitutional in a blatant attempt to allow illegal voters in the recall. The GOP, as usual, did nothing - even though Wisconsin voters historically punish the corrupt in either party. Now mysterious vanloads of "voters" are showing up in Milwaukee, and probably elsewhere, and the GOP is still silent. I think if legal Wisconsin voters are the only ones voting, Walker will probably win. Considering those vans, and how close we are to Chicago, I expect the GOP's habit of not standing up to corruption to cost us another election.
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