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And another threat to safety to add to list Obamacare HHS Grants $67 Million To Hire ACA “Navigators” Without Background Checks To Collect Your Personal Information.
Your biggest charitable contribution is subscription fees that you pay the cable TV and satellite TV companies which is funneled to the Main Stream Media. CBS, MSNBC, and etc. Even though you never watch many of the channels in the lineup they are still paid a subsidy to spew lies via your TV subscription payment.
Do not repeal the ethanol mandate but don't add to it a 15% ethanol mandate or incorporate ethanol production from 100% natural gas. Just leave it alone. Allow conversion of automobiles to burn natural gas directly and let market forces take effect. Put competition back into the fuel market.
There is no discussion just a whole lot of emotional outpouring. I merely injected an amount of rationality and factual detail. You can not tell anyone how they should feel and expect to get anywhere. Redstate merely banned me but left the posts for everyone to consider. I am convinced that both conservative blogs have an agenda that they do not wish to have refuted. See http://www.redstate.com/2013/05/26/big-ethanols-theoilybird-gets-dewormed/ For conservatives ethanol mandate is a hard one to get ones arms around. On one hand ethanol is produced by red states and the farmer who for the most part is conservative in nature yet the government has mandate its use and that is anathema to conservatism and market capitalism. The US farmer takes pride in the fact that he feeds a hungry planet and knows that he must be a good steward of the land for his own survival. But that credo is waning as more and mmore farmers go belly up and the land is taken over by big corporations whose only responsibility is to the stockholders.. If ethanol goes out of production you will see another wave of farmer insolvency and food production in the hands of fewer and fewer good people.
The refineries produce the summer and winter blend of gasoline and that has nothing to do with ethanol. http://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/news/auto-blog/summer-blend-vs-winter-blend-gasoline-whats-the-difference-13747431 If CA allowed the conversion of automobiles to NG at a reasonable price then the VOC's released into the air would be negligible and the catalytic convertor on automobiles becomes unnecessary. If 30% of the cars were converted to burn NG then the summer and winter blend of gasoline could be eliminated because there would be less VOC's released by the remaining gasoline engines and smog would no longer be a problem. he US exported $397 billion to pay for imported oil in 2012. The 10% ethanol mandate replaced $44 billion of oil not imported in 2012. So that is $44 billion that stayed in America and employed Americans. Ethanol is made in America using American farmer raised American corn and made in America natural gas. It has been said that purchasing US made products has a threefold effect on the economy. I would rather put $132 billion into the US economy rather than sending it to OPEC!
Studies over the years from 1995 to present including most notably one by MIT researcher Tiffany Groode and confirmed others found that corn ethanol energy balance is between 1.06 and 1.67 depending on crop yields, waste byproducts used as livestock feed, and the fuel used to operate the farm machinery. Farm machinery fuel is now predominately 30% ethanol and is being gradually switched to 100% ethanol as new diesel engines are designed and manufactured. Ethanol when used in diesel ICE's is only 8% less efficient than oil derived diesel while the cost of ethanol is 30% less. As the use of ethanol to power farm machinery increase then the corn ethanol energy balance increases. Even if the corn ethanol energy balance was less than breakeven it is a good deal because it allows US to consume our abundant natural gas energy resources in our cars and import less oil from OPEC. Of course it would be much preferred to use natural gas in our cars directly and avoid the middlemen but we can not do that because of EPA regulations prices the conversion kit to the point that there is no payback for the investment. Your right DC is full of political Scientists and they don't know nuttin!.
Works for me. The US exported $397 billion to pay for imported oil in 2012. The 10% ethanol mandate replaced $44 billion of oil not imported in 2012. So that is $44 billion that stayed in America and employed Americans. Ethanol is made in America using American farmer raised American corn and made in America natural gas. It has been said that purchasing US made products has a threefold effect on the economy. I would rather put $132 billion into the US economy rather than sending it to OPEC!
In short lower gasoline prices is a result of 90 million Americans who are no longer even looking for work and living off of food stamps don't drive all that much
Over one-third (485MMCF) of natural gas produced in North Dakota is flared due to insufficient natural gas pipeline and storage capacity. 485MMCF is equivalent to 3.8 million gallons of gasoline which is about equal to the total gasoline consumed in Arkansas or Connecticut. Now of course the cost of natural gas home heating may go up but consumers have a solution. The money that they save in reduced automobile fuel costs and the threefold economic boost of buying made in America natural gas will allow them to budget for a Ground source Heat Pump. And thus the price of NG will stay about the same when you consider that NG consumption for home heating will go down as homes are converted to electric ground source heat pumps, a cheaper alternative even today. Other benefits of natural gas conversions and GSHP home heating and cooling are: 1. The total electric consumption will drop significantly ~30% and of course all the associated pollution. 2. the electric demand summer to winter will be nearly equal eliminating the need for natural gas peaking generators reducing NG demand. 3. Us coal can be gasified to produce methane which is the other name for natural gas further increasing fuel supplies. 4. Cheap coal can again be used to generate electricity because of the significant reduction in electric consumption. During the period 1981-1983 about 25% of the US vehicles were converted to run on propane and all the US homes were converted to NG heating and 1000's of miles of NG pipelines were laid. There are about 244 million motor vehicles and about 110 million homes heated with NG and thus the NG pipelines to satisfy the NG motor fuel demand already exist. A significant portion of the conversions can be done in 3 years injecting into the US economy about $1 trillion from reduced oil imports, $1 trillion in cost of living decreases, and $1 trillion in the conversion labor and materials.
Here we go again. Another blogger that does not know what he is talking about and misinforming the Townhall. 1. Natural gas is now used to heat the corn mash and promote fermentation to ethanol. 2. the TCX process uses only natural gas to produce ethanol. No corn feedstocks are required. 3. It is irrelevant what percentage of corn crop is used for what ever purpose. The only relevant measure is the total bushels used. Corn planted acres in the US has increased every year since 2000. And corn yield per acre has increased every year since 2000 except for the flood and drought years of 2011 and 2012. The total bushels of corn consumed by category was down for all categories during 2012, including ethanol. Making rash decisions to regarding corn use due to a significantly less than average crop year is just stupid. 4. Sure a strong ethanol waiver would reduce the price of corn but in so doing the farmers would be left holding an empty bag to make up for their losses incurred in 2011 and 2012. You cannot just turn off a farm program willy-nilly without major repercussions. It will be the demise of many farmers who have invested in the 2013 growing season who are expecting pricing as predicted from previous years and the stock carry forwards.. 5. Yes, Rep. Olson is an idiot pushing the inefficient use of natural gas to make ethanol and so is Phil Kerpen when stating that spike in natural gas prices is undesirable. Disruptions to the supply and demand always cause fluctuations in price until the market recovers. But that is the beauty of capitalism, it is self adjusting without government interference. Rep. Olson and Phil Kerpen should advocate for the elimination of the EPA certification requirement for natural gas conversion of automobiles. The conversion cost is now $15,000 per vehicle while an uncertified conversion cost is $2500. As owners convert their cars to NG for $2500 there is payback as the price of NG is $2.10 vs. $3.59 on gasoline gallon equivalent basis April 2013. That is $1.49 reduction in cost of living and a big boost to the economy after the payback of 50 gallons per month or about 2.5 years. Sure NG price may spike but the price of gasoline will go down and oil imports will go down and demand for corn based ethanol will go down but the price changes and demand will be gradual as automobiles are converted allowing farmers to make year to year adjustments to planting.
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