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Gay Marriage and the Definition of Words

fmizell Wrote: May 13, 2012 11:38 AM
Why would anyone struggle to define a word? Let's go with that, why did the homosexual community push (struggle) so hard to redefine the word "gay"? About 30 or 40 years ago the word gay meant to be happy. I have yet to see a truly happy homosexual. I refuse to use the word gay as it is defined today, they are homosexual, period!

Gay marriage is an issue most Americans simply don’t care about. We have opinions on it, but it simply doesn’t register, especially at a time of high unemployment. But President Obama shoehorned it into the forefront this week because he can’t talk about the economy, jobs, his record, the massive debt he racked up or anything he’s done since assuming office except ordering the raid against bin Laden. And that party was last week, so a new distraction from reality was needed.

To be clear, what the president said means nothing. It won’t change any law anywhere. And the...