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To get the truth from Obama,it would take an act of GOD.Romney wants for Americans to keep their selfr respect, And have a job. Obama wants to give Americans hand-outs,and welfare, and loose their self respect .
There is nothing that Obama , can do better, than lieing.
CBS NBC,ABC, not forgetting CNN,they all suck up to Obama,he has to have somthing on all of them. I'd be ashame to work at any of them.
This what we have as and Pres.We can all thank the bleeding hearts that put him in office,I hope they are all, trying to kick their butts.
It s a dirty shame, the Navy Seals risked there lives, in bringing down Bin laden,and Obama same as took the credit.Wha a pitiful Pres we have.
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Obama Gaffe Confirms Worst Fears

fmitchell Wrote: Jul 18, 2012 5:49 PM
Obama is past chilling, he is down right scary.And there is nothing we can do.He knows he don't have to go thur congress for any thing, expect war. All he has to do is sign executive order.He is not going by any laws.The DOJ backs him up on any thing, and he does the same for DOJ What a pitiful Gov, we had .Pres Reagan said Russia was an evil empire, he was right, and now I have quote, that Obama is an evil Pres.
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