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Iran nuclear deal fuels anger, jitters in Mideast

Flyover Al in CT Wrote: Nov 24, 2013 10:54 AM
Has there been one Mid Eastern episode where the MuzzieBroHos have been harmed by ObaMao? Applying Occam's razor in the Mid East makes it apparent that he is a stooge/member of the MoBroHos. Bibi in Congress soon.

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel's prime minister harshly condemned the international community's nuclear deal with Iran on Sunday while Saudi Arabia remained conspicuously quiet, reflecting the jitters felt throughout the Middle East over Iran's acceptance on the global stage.

Elsewhere, many welcomed the agreement as an important first step toward curbing Iran's suspect nuclear program.

Israel and Western-allied Gulf countries led by Saudi Arabia have formed an unlikely alliance in their opposition to Sunday's deal, joined together by shared concerns about a nuclear-armed Iran and the Tehran's growing regional influence.

While most Gulf countries remained silent in the first hours after the deal was reached...