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Keep it up Muzzies - you'll finally get some unified opposition in the world war you started in 624 in Badr. At least the Chinese and Russians are mean enough to win. The feminized west can't lead anymore, but we make great armaments.
I, for one, will give it up for Putin. Who else can be counted on to look after Christians in the Mideast?
Even in Dhimmicrat heaven CT that is true. They know we're the good guys. There are more Oath Takers in the various PDs than our voting record would lead you to suspect. But law and order guys are the same all over.
Its worse than that, he insulted Christianity to defend the Muzzies.
Yesterday, Rush talked about the Saudis building a high-tech fence along their border with Iraq. Worth checking out. You guys are on the ball. I would add a few AC-130 gunships. I don't know if they would help, but I just love em.
Town Hall Dhimmis: Show the covers! We are losing.
There is a 5 or 6 part youtube video of his unclassified 5-6 hour briefing on the informational battlespace. I believe he mentions it several times in the first segment.
Great comment. As the indispensable Stephan Coughlin has written, "They are stating and citing their scriptural authority, and acting on it - even if they are wrong".
When the OrthodoxMuzzies staged Mallah's will with the school takeover in Chechnya, some of the Peaceful Islame-ists were having sex with the kids WHILE they were killing them. MoreMadHam was reputedly heard to say, "I wish I thought of that".
Do blacks in other non-African countries commit crimes at a greater or lesser rate than the native population?
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